Yellow gold round engagement rings 2018

Solitaire Diamond Rings

MDTdesign is proud to offer a range of unique and stunning solitaire rings. Our experienced team of professional designers and jewellers can craft everything from traditional white gold solitaire engagement rings to exciting contemporary designs, as well as one-of-a-kind custom solitaire diamond rings made to your specifications.

With a solitaire setting, all eyes are on the beautiful diamond. This is a timeless and classic look that allows for more flexibility when it comes to choosing a wedding band. Varying cuts and settings also mean we can create a beautiful and unique ring to suit your individual preferences.

Bezel Cut Diamond Ring

Our beautiful bezel set round diamond ring (model no. C921) is a striking piece of 18ct white gold jewellery round that features a round rub set brilliant cut diamond on a remarkable flat emery finish band.

Bezel settings surround the stone with a ring of metal, offering extra security to the diamond that makes them perfect for women with busy lifestyles. Our bezel solitaire settings show off the diamond beautifully for both modern and vintage tastes.

Half Bezel Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a half bezel engagement ring, our beautiful C823 model 18ct white gold engagement ring is sure to impress with its oval shaped diamond. This spectacular ring features a timeless design and is an ideal choice for those who desire an elegant ring that also makes a statement.

The half bezel ring combines the benefits of the bezel setting ring with those of a classic pronged solitaire setting. Offering the same security to the diamond that comes with a bezel setting, half bezels also allow the diamond to catch more light and optimise their sparkle.

Discover Our Solitaire Ring Range Today

Solitaire settings are the most popular diamond ring style in Australia. They are flexible and suit almost every style while maintaining an air of elegance and sophistication. Various cuts can highlight different aspects of the diamond, which is the sole focus on these stunning rings.

If you’re searching for high-quality solitaire engagement rings in Melbourne, our range has everything from bezel cut diamond rings through to princess cut engagement rings. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can even make a unique custom ring that’s sure to blow yellow gold round engagement rings 2018 your fiancée away. Call us today on (03) 9654 6805 to make an appointment or to contact us online.

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