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The fact is you don’t have to have a theme, but to set a theme for your wedding is really a good idea to make your wedding planning smoother and easier. With a wedding theme in mind, start thinking about all the ways you can incorporate it from your wedding ceremony to reception, and your wedding cake to your wedding invitations. If you are going to have a theme for your nuptials, to inspire your decision, we have rounded up 8 most popular wedding themes from the net. Take a look!

1.Organic inspired greenery wedding

Greenery is the hottest thing since sliced bread and it’s no wonder why…it’s beautiful, a little goes a long way, and it’s AFFORDABLE! When you are planning a wedding, an affordable option is going to be your best friend!

simple but stylish organic inspired greenery garden wedding ideas

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Sparkles!!!  It’s elegant, exciting, and feels fancy, so it’s no surprise brides (and guests) love all things shimmery!  From invitations to attire and linens and even cakes, a little (or a lot) of bling is all the rage!

gorgeous elegant classic champagne gold wedding colors

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champagne gold glitter laser cut wedding invite with belly band rose gold laser cut wedding invites with glittery belly band

3. Fine art wedding

Fine Art, just those two words alone conjure up a bunch of images, but the primary feeling is that of impressionist painters.  Think Monet, Renoir, Degas…and the way their paintings make you feel is exactly how your want your guests to feel.  From the colors to the décor and even the food, everything can set the tone!

blush and glitter gold romantic fine art wedding color ideas

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4. Geometric and floral style

Geometrics is a rising trend and it’s no surprise why!  This is a chic look and works if you are going high end or casual.  For more inspiration about this style, check out our blog: 

geometric and floral modern vintage theme wedding ideas

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modern geometric and floral wedding invitation card

5. Romantic evening wedding

“Romantic”!  Besides “fun”, this is the second most used word brides use to describe want they want their wedding to be.  A wedding should be all about the love and upping the romance factor never hurt…candles, flowers, mood lighting, music, and even food can all set a romantic tone so rev it up and make everyone swoon!

romantic evening wedding ideas with candles and string lights

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String Lights Wedding Invites

starry sky wedding invitations with silver foil string lights foil stamped love tree wedding invitation with stars spring flower mason jar string lights rustic invitations

6. Moody Romance

It’s a little dark and maybe even edgy, but it doesn’t lack in romance, which is why this works so well.  Burgundy, marsala, and maroons give off the elegant version of “Corvette Red” and why it’s so popular.

Chic dark moody burgundy and dark red boho rustic wedding colors

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Moody Burgundy Invites

affordable burgundy wedding invitation cards Fall burgundy and blush rustic wedding invitation cardmoody burgundy and blush wedding invitation card

7. Earthy tone wedding with pampas grass

Pampas grass is just cool to start with and elevate it for a wedding and you really have something special on your hands!  Check out our blog showcasing this amazing grass and how to do it right: 

wild pampas grass earthy tone boho rustic wedding theme ideas

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affordable rustic floral wreath kraft wedding invitation elegant wooden and white laser cut wedding invitations rustic laser cut wedding invitation set with twines and key

8. Fairytale theme wedding

Life is but a dream…but your wedding is very real and having the fairytale atmosphere only enhances how magical love truly is.  Whether it’s your interpretation or a Beauty and the Beast theme, the whimsy will delight the young and old at heart just the same.

enchanted fairytale woodland and forest wedding colors

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Lavender Wedding Invitations

lavender flower watercolor wedding invitation romatic lavender purple laser cut wedding invitations

magical beauty and beast wedding color palette

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elegant uv printed rose wedding invitation card enchanted mirror beauty and the beast fairy tale wedding invitation

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