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At 21:42, Nov 20, 2009


Archived :)

At 18:27, Nov 23, 2009


Would you believe it, the next set of admin elections is only about a month and a half away!? I am trying to get our master list of those that hope to participate in the election. In order to make sure that you are included in the next set of admin elections, please read on.

If you received the emails during the last election cycle, there is nothing you need to do - you will be included in this cycle as well.

If you did not receive the emails with information on voting in the last admin election, but you would like to participate in this election, please send me an email or talk page message indicating your interest in participating.

If you were recently made an admin and would like to be included in the next set of admin elections, please let me know so that we can get you included in the next set of elections.

If you were included in the last admin election, but you don't want to participate again this time, please let me know.

At 21:12, Nov 23, 2009


Hey - thanks for your message. There's definitely no shame in that, and it's far more important that school work is a higher priority than spending time on wikiHow. I do hope your load lightens though, because I know how stressful that can be. I have removed you from the mailing list at this time. If you change your mind later, feel free to just let me know and I can add you back to the list.

At 04:09, Dec 03, 2009


At 04:23, Dec 17, 2009


At 16:14, Dec 22, 2009


At 01:15, Dec 23, 2009


Thanks -and good to see you again ;)

At 01:23, Dec 23, 2009


Category bug is still on :/

At 09:59, Dec 23, 2009


Thanks Lucky

At 23:17, Dec 25, 2009


Merry Christmas!

At 06:00, Dec 31, 2009


At 06:45, Jan 01, 2010


Happy New Years to you too luck luck <33

At 14:28, Jan 14, 2010


At 19:33, Jan 22, 2010


happy new year ! I want to find a friend ,what do i do ?

At 20:21, Jan 27, 2010


At 16:31, Jan 31, 2010

Er .. I haven't edited anything.

At 04:30, Feb 02, 2010


Hi luck luck (: I hope all is going well..? *hugs*

Happy Groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) Day tomorrow :)

SK <3

At 21:58, Feb 10, 2010


At 06:24, Feb 13, 2010


*poke* :)

At 18:40, Feb 21, 2010


hi I'm Sigi108 thanks for welcoming me I feel so welcomed!!!

At 18:41, Feb 21, 2010


thanks I feel so welcomed thanks!!!

At 21:37, Feb 24, 2010


At 22:46, Mar 04, 2010


lucky<3. Are you using wikiHow web client or webchat.freenode.net ?


At 11:53, Mar 09, 2010


At 03:11, Mar 25, 2010


This is a message to let you know that your copy of The wikiHow Herald normally scheduled to be delivered today is being delayed. The wikiHow Herald will be published in two days; you will receive a copy of the latest edition at that time. Thanks for your patience.

At 17:22, Mar 26, 2010


At 19:32, Apr 07, 2010


At 19:56, Apr 11, 2010


At 20:30, Apr 11, 2010


Greetings, fellow admin! I am sending this message to you because I want to make sure that you received the email about the upcoming administrator elections. Unless you have already opted out of receiving such emails, you should have received an email from me a few days ago with the tentative schedule and some other information.

If you did not receive this email and would like to receive the information, or would like to opt out of future emails about the admin elections, please let me know. Thank you!

At 18:39, Apr 19, 2010


hey iam new 2 this so i want someone 2 talk 2 so hit me up

At 00:30, Apr 22, 2010


At 00:57, May 09, 2010


At 02:50, May 18, 2010


Thanks! :)

At 22:37, May 18, 2010


i just made the locoroco artical becuase i wanted a locoroco artical on wikihow

At 02:55, May 19, 2010


i did not even notice Xb

At 03:10, May 20, 2010


At 17:47, Jun 02, 2010


At 04:24, Jun 17, 2010


At 01:12, Jul 01, 2010


At 18:18, Jul 14, 2010


At 04:48, Jul 29, 2010


At 20:00, Jul 30, 2010


At 15:31, Aug 12, 2010


At 04:59, Aug 29, 2010


At 19:34, Sep 09, 2010


At 23:21, Sep 23, 2010


At 22:39, Sep 30, 2010


Special Edition: The wikiHow Herald

The September round of administrator elections has come to a conclusion. Please join me in welcoming our newly elected administrators: , , , , , and .

For the complete announcement, please check out this forum post.

At 23:23, Oct 12, 2010


At 23:50, Nov 10, 2010


At 22:08, Nov 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving 9592.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving!
personal message

At 13:18, Nov 26, 2010


Hello Lucky7,

My site is brand new. After editing last night, saving and publishing, the entire site disappeared except for the page I was working on.

evanszelnik.com 9 pages Only one left (list of songs).

Thank you, Francine 201-784-1532

At 13:22, Nov 30, 2010


Hi Lucky,

I'm interested in joining the School Made Easy thing, and it said for students in middle and secondary school, but does college count too? I'm in college and I contribute to a lot of youth articles! I can join?

Thanks much, Katiebug98

At 20:48, Nov 30, 2010



At 06:09, Dec 09, 2010



I just wanted to give you a heads up that I have removed you from the list of active administrators, as it appears you haven't made any site edits within the last three or more months. I haven't changed your site permissions at all, and you're certainly more than welcome to stop back in whenever you would like. You're also more than welcome to move yourself back to the list of active administrators whenever you choose. We just try to keep the list up to date in case others are looking to find a quick response from an active admin. I hope all is well with you and hope to see you back on the site soon!


At 23:37, Dec 15, 2010


At 02:07, Jan 04, 2011


Hi, this message is being sent to all wikiHow administrators. I recently sent an email out to all admin with information regarding participating in the upcoming admin elections. If you wish to participate in the January admin elections but didn't receive the email, please contact me for further instruction.

At 23:13, Jan 09, 2011


At 16:56, Feb 10, 2011


You cant simply do maths in mind.After practice,one can do it mentally. So 1st practice then mental work....

At 02:13, Feb 24, 2011



At 01:31, Mar 06, 2011


At 23:25, Mar 08, 2011



The wikiHow Herald - Optional Survey
Do you readThe wikiHow Herald? If so, we invite you to participate in regarding the community newspaper. We hope the information gathered from the survey will allow us to continue making improvements and share important information with the wikiHow community in a way that works for everyone.

If you don't regularly read The wikiHow Herald, please refrain from participating in the survey. However, you're more than welcome to check it out for yourself.

The survey will likely take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please.

At 22:46, Mar 23, 2011


please read message and then reply i really truly need a friend will you be my friend i hope you say yes

At 15:58, May 10, 2011



At 23:09, Jun 01, 2011


The Herald has changed! It's a bit different than it was before so I would like to know whether or not you would like to continue receiving it. To see the new Herald, click here! Reply "Yes" to me if you would like to still receive the Herald. -Rangers31

At 01:17, Jun 17, 2011


I like your username. It makes me feel lucky about wikiHow,

At 21:34, Jun 28, 2011

I speak fluent Hebrew. Could you help out with the hebrew wikiHow? I wrote two articles on it. To improve your vocabulary, try reading simple Hebrew books and if you come across a hard word, write it on a flash card. Then look the word up (try Yahoo Answers because Google Translate isn't always accurate) and write the meaning on the back of the flash card. Study the cards until you know what every card means. Increase the difficulty of the book that you read as you get better at hebrew.

This could be a whole wikiHow article. Maybe I will write it but anyone here could make an article out of this.


At 06:44, Aug 24, 2011


Hey,are you a goth?

At 00:05, Nov 01, 2011


How's your Hebrew? If you think it's quite good, why not join the ?

At 00:53, May 30, 2012



Hey Lucky7!
Do you remember the first day you started editing?
Well, it just so happened that I remembered for you.
So...Happy wikiBirthday! :)
Thanks for helping to make wikiHow what it is today.

At 17:01, Jun 03, 2012

okay tips. this coming august im in 12th grade.

At 02:31, Aug 13, 2012


love your profile and u have so much uibs.


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