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Have you ever considered consigning or selling any of your clothes after you ? Many of my clients just prefer to donate which is a great option and tax write-off. It’s easy. However, in this post I want to share my experiences with consignment and resale. It also gives me the opportunity to feature another small local business, Modao Resale Boutique

I’ve consigned clothes for nearly 30 years. Right after we moved to Vancouver I found a little consignment shop that I brought clothes to periodically. As the years went on, I actually had two stores I used. They were close and convenient so I could pop in and see if I had a check. It was pretty nice getting a little cash every so often!

Then I found Modao. While this store started out as consignment, they changed their business model a couple years in. They now buy your clothes and accessories out right and offer cash or store credit.

Although I live in Oregon now, I still visit Vancouver frequently and bring clothes to Modao a few times a year. It’s worth the drive! While they appreciate higher end pieces and even designer items, their inventory is not limited to that. Take a peek at these photos and it will give you a taste of Modao.

Modao resale boutique in Vancouver WA

Modao resale boutique, Vancouver, WA

Modao resale boutiqueModao resale boutique

You may recall the I did for Portland Today when I featured one of the co-owners of Modao as a model. I pointed out that shopping resale gives you an opportunity to try something that might be a little more trendy. Current trends are in resale stores too. Don’t spend a fortune on a trend you aren’t sure about.

Overall, it’s just a great place to shop to find unique pieces—especially some higher end labels that you may pass by in retail stores because of the price tag. Recently after working in a client’s closet, I identified some color gaps. We were looking for some brighter solid colored tops in certain shades that just didn’t seem to be in stores. I found options for her at Modao.

How do you know WHAT to bring to Resale or Consignment?

–Current styles! Classic styles that stand the test of time will also be welcomed.

— Your shopping mistakes! While I work with my clients to avoid these, they still happen. Yes, I still have them occasionally as well. If something has tags—all the better.

–Handbags, jewelry, shoes are great items to consign or sell. They often have very little wear and lots of life for someone else.

Modao has compiled a of what you need to know when going through your things.

 Other Helpful Tips:

1. Of course you always want to bring in the current season or multi-seasonal items. Call the store before you go to see if there are any items they are not taking presently. They may be “heavy” on work-out wear or shoes.

2. You will learn the clientele of the store and what sells and what doesn’t. This takes a little trial and error, but soon you will get in the groove and know what the buyer is looking for at a resale store or what sells at a consignment store.

3. I mentioned above that at one time I had two stores I worked with. This all was based on clientele. For example, Modao finds they do not do as well with “wear to work” attire. The dress pants, skirts I had for the years of dress codes aren’t going to do as well there. I will take them elsewhere.

4. Not sure what to try? Bring it in and let the buyer take a look. The worst that can happen is she says NO and you bring it home to donate. This is how you learn for next time. Don’t give up—try it a few times. If any of your items are not taken, don’t take it personally. It’s not you or your clothes. It’s a business and the buyer is looking for what will sell. Be sure and ask why something was not taken so you can learn for next time.

Are you willing to give consignment or resale a try? It’s the perfect time to move some things around as we head into the fall/winter months. Ask your questions in the comments which will also be helpful to other readers.

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