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types of bow ties photo Black tie bow tie choices for any style or personality

requires classic neckwear – a black bow tie. But not all bow ties are the same. There are a range of options to photo suit any type of face, style or personality. Here are the four styles of formal bow ties.

1. Butterfly


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The Butterfly (or Big Butterfly) bow tie makes a statement with its size. And, as such, it is not for everyone. The size of your bow tie should be in proportion to your face. If your face is narrow, the Big Butterfly probably isn’t your best choice.

Best For: Wider faces and statement makers.

2. Semi-Butterfly


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The Semi-Butterfly is the most classic and conservative option. It is flattering on pretty much everyone. Look for one with a 2-2.5″ width.

Best For: Everyone, style classicists and conservatives.

3. Straight End


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The Straight-End has a cool factor that is hard to put a finger on. It is a classic option, but somehow looks modern and sleek. In a sea of Butterflies and Semi-Butterflies, the Straight End will stand out.

Best For: Narrower faces and non-traditionalists.

4. Pointed


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The Pointed (or Diamond Point) is the dandiest bow tie of the bunch. This is the one James Bond sports at the beginning of Dr. No. The wearer of the Pointed bow tie must have the personality to match. If that’s you, this is going to be your favorite option.

Best For: Dandies, big personalities, narrower faces.

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