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Far Cry 5 Land Vehicles List: All Unlockable Automobiles, Recreational, Trucks & Vans, and Heavy Vehicles

takes place across an entire state, so you're going to need a ride to get around in. Luckily for you, Ubisoft has included a whole range of awesome vehicles, most of which you can purchase inside the game.

There are a bunch you can get for free too, if you complete certain missions. Read on below for a full list of the land vehicles in Far Cry 5. We recommend bookmarking it so you can refer back to it as you play.

Far Cry 5 Automobiles

2008 Kimberlite Darrala

2.jpg Description Cost Grab your nuclear family, it's time for the yearly road trip. ,200

1999 Hayai Stryus ZRP

3.jpg Description Cost An imported car? No one can say you're not worldly.,570

2004 Hayai Zip-R

4.jpg Description Cost This sporty hatchback is ready for street races and small parking spaces.,125

1970 Zugspitz XS-2

5.jpg Description Cost This subcompact has all the power you'd expect in a hatchback.,440

1987 Pygmalion Bruelag

6.jpg Description Cost Back in the 80s, this personal luxury car was a status symbol to some in the middle class. Unlockable

1967 Kimberlite ZT

7.jpg Description Cost This muscle car as seen a lot of fads come and go. It's driven right by all of them.,600

2002 Kimberlite S

8.jpg Description Cost Many argue that this modern day reboot of a classic muscle car is better. Kids today...,725

1998 Pygmalion Comet-R

9.jpg Description Cost This compact sports car was cool in the 90s. Whether you think the 90s were cool is another story.,650

1973 Pygmalion SSR

10.jpg Description Cost Wheels for the streets, interior for the sheets. Unlockable

"The Bootlegger"

11.jpg Description Cost This 1970 Kimberlite ZZT bootlegged a lot of beer across state lines in its day.,500

"Bump 'N' Grind"

12.jpg Description Cost This 2009 Kimberlite Darrala SDL smells like an oval racetrack, sunshine, and beer.,600 or 200 Silver Bars.

"Hope County's Muscle"

13.jpg Description Cost This 2002 Kimberlite S is Hope County's big, beefy, strong right arm. Unlockable

"Uncle Sam"

14.jpg Description Cost Clutch Nixon spun many a doughnut in this 1967 Kimberlite ZT. Unlockable

1969 Kimberlite ZTS

15.jpg Description Cost You don't have to wait for your midlife crisis or retirement to hop into this classic beauty.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

"The Comet-R"

16.jpg Description Cost This sporty hatchback is ready for street races and small parking spaces.,200 or 200 Silver Bars

Far Cry 5 Recreational

Funaki E-716

17.jpg Description Cost This standard quad is an all terrain vehicle. That's what ATV stands for.,100

2018 Polaris RZR

18.jpg Description Cost This high performance all terrain vehicle is ready for anything. No really. Anything.,000

2018 Polaris RZR XP Edition

19.jpg Description Cost This decked out buggy's going to get you places where no one's even dreamed of putting a road.,300

"Quad-State Area"

20.jpg Description Cost

Quad Big Game Hunter

21.jpg Description Cost Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, this mudder will get you there. Brraaaap! Brraaaap! Unlockable


22.jpg Description Cost Clutch Nixon rode this 2013 Kaumbat OTT Ravage in a state of de-nihilism. Unlockable

Far Cry 5 Trucks & Vans

2011 Kimberlite 4WD

23.jpg Description Cost This off-road SUV killed off its paved road-only cousin, the station wagon.,770

2012 Zugspitz Scavenger

24.jpg Description Cost The woods aren't made for most vehicles, but this SUV was made for the woods and/or the suburbs.,050

2014 Adjudico Mastodon XZT

25.jpg Description Cost

2010 Hierarch V200

26.jpg Description Cost A standard cargo van that's been used for a wide range of legal and illegal activities.,725

1981 Kimberlite K150

27.jpg Description Cost This resilient pickup will haul everything from hay bales to ass.,930

1981 Pygmalion Hillside 1600

28.jpg Description Cost This pickup is more reliable than some friends of yours. It's also a great listener.,950

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1981 Pygmalion Hillside 1600-M

29.jpg Description Cost This pickup's got a wide suspension, chassis for days, and a ton of body positivity.,250

2012 Kimberlite TCZ

30.jpg Description Cost This vehicle will make you a pickup artist. There's an art to driving it. For real.,700

2012 Kimberlite TC6 M-Duty

31.jpg Description Cost This pickup has room for your friends and livestock - which goes in the truck bed is up to you.,180

2011 Kimberlite 4WD XL

32.jpg Description Cost This tricked-out SUV will get you to any remote soccer field or battlefield. Why is practice there?,200 or 400 Silver Bars


33.jpg Description Cost Unlockable

"The Death Wish"

34.jpg Description Cost This sporty hatchback is ready for street races and small parking spaces. Unlockable

1989 Hierarch Wanderer

35.jpg Description Cost This van is perfect for living in it down by the river.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

1979 Kimberlite K150 (M60)

36.jpg Description Cost This pickup might have over a million miles, but it has an even higher body count.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

1979 Kimberlite K150 (M2)

37.jpg Description Cost This tough pickup can take bullets and give bullets.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

1981 Pygmalion Hillside 1600 (M60)

38.jpg Description Cost A pickup can help out on the farm and help with wanton destruction at the same time.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

2012 Kimberlite TCZ-M (.50 Cal)

39.jpg Description Cost No one's pants are staying clean when they see this thing coming.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

2012 Kimberlite TCZ Custom Paint

40.jpg Description Cost Someone paid for the detailing and the extras on this pickup. Unlockable

1981 Pygmalion Hillsde 1600-M (.50 CAL)

41.jpg Description Cost This truck is ready to fire.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

The Roskam Bros

42.jpg Description Cost This sporty hatchback is ready for street races and small parking spaces.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

2012 Kimberlite TC6 M-Duty "Outlaw"

43.jpg Description Cost Your friends don't have to ride in the truckbed anymore (but they can if they want.) Unlockables

2013 Kaumbat OTT Ravage Custom

44.jpg Description Cost This off-roading monster is ready for whatever the battlefield is.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

1981 Pygmalion Hillside 1600 (M2)

45.jpg Description Cost This powerful custom truck is ready for work, play, and war.,200 or 400 Silver Bars

1981 Pygmalion Hillside 1600-M (M60)

46.jpg Description Cost This truck is the embodiment of America.,000 or 500 Silver Bars

Far Cry 5 Heavy

2009 Hierarch FT-100

47.jpg Description Cost Delivers high torque at slow speeds. Use it for agriculture, construction, or just cruisin'.,150

"The Reaper"

48.jpg Description Cost Ever wished you could drive a meat grinder? This modified 2009 Hierarch FT-300 will satisfy you. Unlockable

1998 Hierarch CT6500 FB

49.jpg Description Cost This truck's flat 'bed' is perfect for loading goods and taking a power nap.,380

2001 Hierarch ST601

50.jpg Description Cost A semi that's for truckers who never want to find the end of that long white line.,500

"The Widowmaker"

51.jpg Description Cost This 2001 Hierarch ST601 D is ready to make some more widow(er)s.,200 or 400 Silver Bars Related Games

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