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This time last year I did a post very similar to this called ‘’ and hair it went over really well. I had a great a response since it kind of rounded up different trends / styles that were popular (and still are popular!). This year I decided to do it all over again but I thought I’d tweak it and make it more of a ‘review’ of wedges/platforms/etc. I decided to skip on flats/sandals and do that on a separate day that way I can put more time into this post. If you don’t follow me on Instagram or watch my IG-Stories – I update those daily and I actually did a closet tour and shoe review on my story this past Wednesday. Many of you were asking questions regarding my full outfit and about other shoes seen in the tour so I am going to do my best to cover ALL of your questions as best as I can!

I can’t help but laugh because when I shot this post last spring, I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Luke! I just remember it being SO hard to get on the ground  and get the angles I wanted of the shoes! And then fast forward to this year, Luke woke up and I brought him into the bathroom with me and boy-oh-boy! He just wanted to play!! So you’ll see him pop into a few photos here & there. 🙂 I was laughing because I would organize the shoes and try to make it a neat, clean photo and BAM! Luke was right there throwing them every direction with the biggest grin on his face and then looking up at my face to see my reaction!

Outfit details linked at end of the post! PLUS A GIVEAWAY! 🙂

OKAY! Let’s get started on the show review…

The first wedge is this. I got this wedge the week they released and I have worn them regularly ever since – including on our Disney trip which should speak volumes. These. Are. Comfy! They are practical – go with everything – and are! They come in 3 other colors – mine are the ‘tan’ pair.

See recent posts where I have styled them,, &.

They run true to size. I am a true size 8 and wear an 8 in these.

I had many requests to compare them to the popular Marc Fisher wedge (review those in ). As you can see in that post, I have 3 pair of the MF wedges and I do love them but I prefer this T&B wedge more so… mainly because they are lighter and less bulky. They also have less of a platform so they are just a bit more practical and great for daily wear. If you are not into practicality [which is me!], you may prefer the bold statement of the MF wedge! The is just a great investment if you need one solid pair of wedges to wear regularly and don’t want to invest in others! Also, the T&B are nearly half the price of the MF wedges.

Attaching a few photos of the two wedges compared + the in a mirror selfie.

The Marc Fisher style featured below is.

Recent IG photo I posted wearing the MF wedges.

The second shoe is a super chunky! I own them in both cognac & black and I absolutely ADORE them!! They make your legs look a MILE long and they are comfortable considering the huge platform/heel. They are sturdy and well made and you feel good walking in them! These are not for someone who doesn’t wanna to be extra tall or someone who is not comfortable walking in heels though! These are a good 5” heel – but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. If you want to really amp up a look – these are amazing. I love that the heel is a wooden heel – it dresses it up a bit more and is a change from the espadrille look that is super trendy.

I got the tan initially and fell in LOVE so I overnighted the black! I love all black outfits and I think the tan looks great w/all black but I couldn’t resist simply because I feel good wearing these. Keep in mind, this is coming from a girl with a very mobile 11mo old! Also, these do run TTS – I did my regular size 8.

If you aren’t into these, I totally get it but I will say has some amazing wedges right now. They are all comfortable and practical and overall just great quality.

SEE THEM STYLED ON MY INSTAGRAM &. [My IG is emilyanngemma]

Next up is this These are a great ‘slip on and go’ type of wedge. They are crazy light weight and easy to just slide into and go! The creamy color goes with so much which is why I purchased them. They are very different than the other pairs I’ve mentioned simply because they are very, very light – like wearing a sandal really.

are newish to me so I don’t have any photos of them styled. As practical as they are – they aren’t the pair I think to wear a lot! Again, I like a chunky wedge that will make my legs look long! 🙂

These do run TTS – but maybe a TINY bit small.. the 8 was fine but I think I could have been happier with an 8.5.

Next up are a pair of wedges that I can’t help but absolutely adore! have a cork heel and are the perfect shade of nude. You can slip them on with ease as they are a simple mule style.This is the type of heel you’ll get a bazillion compliments on and want to wear daily! I got a size 8 in them [my usual size] and they are great but I think I could have done an 8.5 I can’t put my finger on it but I am not totally obsessed with how these FEEL on my feet – I kind of think that the 8.5 would have been more comfortable but I ordered online and just HAD to wear them. 🙂 Maybe once I really break them in they will feel better but overall I love them. I love that there’s no buckle, that they can go with ANY color palette, and I love the summery cork heel.   are also under 0.

Shop these wedges.

Next up are a pair of heels that were a total splurge but I am so obsessed with them! They just make a total statement and are so funky and fun. They are the and they are definitely not a ‘must have’ pair of shoes seeing as they are pricy and not super practical. I just loved the look and I can picture them making the most simple, basic outfits look chic and edgy, ya know?! They can also be worn transitioning into spring and also during the transition into fall! The suede has a warm look to it – but I will so wear them all summer, too! I went up half a size in these.

See them styled.

Shop these shoes.




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After I hit ‘publish’ on this post I thought it’d be fun to do a giveaway to those of you who have followed and supported me! It means so much to me and I don’t say thank you enough! As a ‘thank you’ I am going to giveaway 3 0 gift cards to Nordstrom so you all have a chance to purchase your favorite spring shoes on me! 🙂 Enter below. The winner will be selected next Wednesday and I will announce it on my blog!

WINNERS: Julianne Issac, Abby Traynam, Emery Sexton – please e-mail me!



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