The top 5 retail trends of 2018

A noted retail futurist once said, “If nobody comes to your store, it doesn’t matter what you sell.” As business technology trends evolve, retailers have opportunities to embrace digital disruption that can help drive differentiated customer experiences. CenturyLink connectivity powers , helping retailers unlock innovation so they can create exceptional moments with customers.

Not surprisingly, digital transformation is continuing to widen the gap between unified commerce leaders and laggards. In 2018, there are five things retailers should be expected to deliver.

Retail Top 5 Expectations for 2018:

  1. Cutting edge technology deployments that drive differentiated customer experiences.
  2. Infrastructure investments to keep up with the pace of digital disruption.
  3. A prioritization on in effort to further protect customer information.
  4. Technology investments at physical stores to enhance and streamline a path to purchase.
  5. Consumers are clamoring for , which will replace omnichannel as the new retail buzz word.

Stay Ahead of Digital Disruption

In today’s digital world, multi-channel retailers must delight their customers with exceptional brand and user experiences. CenturyLink can help move your enterprise’s digital transformation forward with retail IT solutions that scale across your environment. To learn more, today!

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