Purple and white bedrooms 2018

When discussing the topic of , Berkeley professor Steve Palmer stated: "There could be some plausible reasons as to why some colors might stimulate creativity or promote sleep or calmness." Our bedrooms are the windows to our dreams (I made that up, you can quote me), so why not fill them with the colors that stimulate the moods we want to feel before our heads hit the pillow? Here are seven brilliant bedrooms that display an inspiring color story.

Monochromatic Blue

provided us with a punch of color that was a far cry from the standard white walled/neutral homes taking the internet by storm in 2015. Three years later, we see beauties like this monochromatic blue bedroom becoming the norm.

Monochromatic Purple

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It seems as though purple dropped of the color spectrum for the last decade or two, which is perhaps why bedrooms like this feel so refreshing and new. Pantone declared ultraviolet the Color of the Year, and we couldn't be more into it.


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We are firm believers that a person's home should reflect who they are, and most people's prized possessions come in various hues. If you're struggling with making your colorful collection feel aesthetically pleasing and cohesive, try picking out a couple of recurring colors and making sure they're distributed throughout your bedroom, like the blues and pinks in this .

Pastel Rainbow

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While the "Unicorn explosion" look may not be for everyone, that makes us love Amina of Studio Mucci's even more. While she uses all the hues, she leans toward pastels, which makes her colorful palette feel more dreamy than overwhelming.

Boho Rainbow

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Much like Amina, Kelli Collins utilizes pretty much every color in her . With a heavy emphasis on texture and lush plantlife, her deeper rainbow palette feels more natural.


Interior designers Diego and Daniel don't hold back when it comes to color in their gorgeous Buenos Aires Apartment. We love how their bright, saturated paintings stand out against a lavender wall. Peppered with portraits (animal and human), this colorful bedroom feels light and whimsical.


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Artist and designer is full of natural materials and old, worn antiques, making her subdued color palette blend in seamlessly.

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to color combos, so find what inspires you and bring those colors into your bedroom with boldness. What colors make you feel at ease in your bedroom?

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