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Are red and purple two of your favorite colors? If you love these colors, you may have pants new styles 2012 for you 2018 decided you’d like to use them specifically for your wedding. There are a few different red and purple wedding ideas you could think about using when setting things up for the reception. It’s your special day, so it’s important that you’re able to make everything look the way you’d like it to.

Choose a Mixed Arrangement of Flowers

Big beautiful bouquet of red & purple roses. Texture roses colors. A roses gift for a wedding birthday Valentine's Day. Roses background. Roses textureSticking with the red and purple theme, select some of the most beautiful flowers in these shades. Not sure what flowers to use? There are quite a few different options that come in these beautiful colors. These are a few ideas to consider selecting for the flowers used during your reception:

  • Red Roses
  • Red Cockscomb
  • Purple Lisianthus
  • Deep Purple Roses

If you don’t know what some of these flowers look like, make sure to do the research in advance. You may even want to go to the floral shop to get an idea of what some of these flowers would look like when paired together.

Set Up the Right Centerpieces

The centerpieces may be a combination of both purple and red. For example, you could look for miniature purple glass vases to use in the center of each table. Because the vases are purple, you could fill each vase up with a bunch of red flowers. Of course, you can always switch things up and use red glass vases with purple flowers or half and half.

Use Both Colors For the Table Covers

Instead of using one single color for the table covers throughout the reception, consider using a combination of both. Some tables could have a purple table cover while others could have a red table cover. In fact, you may want to organize things in such a way that every other table cover is purple. If you decide to do it this way, you’ll have an equal amount of both red and purple tables.

Make Sure Your Favors Match Your Theme

Because you’re choosing a purple and red theme for your wedding, you’ll probably want your favors to match perfectly with that theme. If you’re still indecisive about the types of favors you’d like to purchase or create, you could always make your own using miniature glass jars and Hershey’s Kisses with purple and red wrappers. All you’d need to do is fill each glass jar up with handfuls of the chocolates. You can easily find them online with purple and red wrappers that would match with the rest of the decorations at your reception.

If you’ve officially decided on a color theme for your wedding consisting of both red and purple, you might want to check out some of these red and purple wedding ideas. You can use these simple and convenient ideas to decorate your own reception and make sure that everything matches perfectly. Both red and purple are romantic colors that will look great when used together for your wedding reception.

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