Moroccan style bathroom 2018

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Industrial chic backdrops aren’t reserved for foregrounds of urban modern style. They can take on many flavours, from chic vintage or colourful eclectic to monochrome Scandi or Asian inspired. Raw concrete can bring a new edge to just about any aesthetic, just like these two Bohemian interiors with Moroccan influence. Exposed brickwork and concrete almost go amiss amongst the variety of vibrant coloured solo furniture pieces and mixture of eye-catching patterns that flow through every aspect of each room. There is a fun indie interior vibe here, particularly in home number one where we find towering movie murals taking up residence over strong hued feature walls.

The crescent shape of two shades hover like robot claws over a lilac sofa in our first home tour. A echoes the copper tones of the lighting brackets.
moroccan style bathroom 2018 src=""> One of the stand by a matching lilac. Jade green accents and scatter cushions create jarring contrast with the sweet pastel upholstery.
The TV wall opposite the sofa, and a casual dining bar area style beneath a, are painted jade green too. There is no white space in this living room scheme apart from peppered white pauses in the pattern of the floor tiles. A chilled cabinet marks the entrance to the kitchen.
larder units and wall cupboards match with the raw concrete in the room. The base units are a warming rustic wood tone.
A concrete bedroom is enlivened by textiles over the headboard wall, and throw pillows of a similar thread.
A TV feature wall achieves fun individuality with a bright wall mounted console set against rustic wood planks. A chrome jauntily adorns one side of the television console surface.
Delicate springtime sprigs in a tinted glass vase inhabit the other side of the media unit.
A relaxed window seat has been created with a padded seat cushion and colourful pillows. Frosted doors obscure the closet contents, which are lit by LED lighting panels within.
Warm LED lighting glows through the cracks between wood planking on the TV feature wall.
This alternative take on the bedroom scheme shows the wooden wall planks behind the TV turned on their side to create a horizontal stack. A Moroccan mirror hangs on the back of a decoratively carved, blue painted door.
The alternative headboard feature wall is covered in a more subdued traditional print. Zany prints prevail on the bed cushions and window.
Back to the room visual with the brighter headboard fabric, the door is a distressed wooden affair with a more plain rectangular mirror. Storage drawers beneath the bed are woven rattan.
The concrete bathroom receives an colour injection from bold blue and green ceramic, with a copper accent overlay.
Cult movie characters, Jay and Silent Bob, look down from their towering mural over a cobalt blue feature wall in the hallway. A floral surround carries the design onto the adjacent wall and door. A set of wooden cupboard doors are accessorised with large Moroccan tassel handles. The hallway floor is a glazed mixture of cobalt blue, jade green and copper ceramic tile.
Bespoke cabin beds have been fashioned in a metal and wood industrial style. have been built into a central wooden wall that provides privacy to each sleeper. fly by each lofty bedside. Guardians of the Galaxy’s is the subject of a movie mural too.
Chalkboard paint creates a doodle zone by the kids’ desk. An area rug warms the cold concrete floor.
A rustic double workstation spans the window, equipped with two matching wooden desk lamps.
A false wall and soffit design has cutaway sections that throw light over the two cabin beds.
Mirrored cabinet doors conceal storage space above the wall hung green toilet. A wall mounted toilet brush keeps the floor completely clear of clutter.
Blue and red walls meet without pause in the home entryway, under a solid red ceiling. Moroccan mirrors flank the front door.
In our second boho industrial home, an exposed brick wall holds that looks to be from. The greenery of makes beautiful contrast with the red brickwork in the open plan living room. A sparkling tops the bohemian scene.
A mishmash of textiles in orange and blue colourways upholster a low-slung sectional sofa. A second piece of wooden wall decor adds interest in the entrance hallway.
A selection of and three glowing decorate the space around and over a round dining room table, against a raw concrete backdrop. Decorative panels filter sunlight from the large windows at one side.
The is lined with a light blue patterned tile, beneath a more solid blue border. A chunky copper kitchen extractor makes a shiny crown above the hob, with exposed ducting running the entire length of the countertop.
A blue bread bin and canisters match with the tiles. Open kitchen shelving lets the exposed red brickwork show through rather than obscuring the industrial feature behind solid wall cupboards or tall larder units. A wooden worktop matches with the wooden floors that run throughout.

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