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Today rounds off themes the week with an overview of some new Pandora jewellery box designs that are being released this year! These have already launched in Germany with the Spring 2018 collection, but I suspect that they will also be seen in other regions at some point during the year.

Storing and displaying your Pandora jewellery is, for me at least, one of the most fun aspects of collecting, and it makes since that jewellery boxes are often some of the most popular accessories and GWP offers. :D

These new boxes are a little different to those we’ve seen in recent years – they’re lacquered wood, not leather, with lift-out trays and built-in mirrors. These are currently available to purchase in Germany, for the prices advertised below, but I’m told that the smaller pink version at least will be coming to the UK.

Thanks to Jessica-Alice, we have a great selection of shots of the smaller pink box and what it looks like inside! It has trays that lift out:

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson

This shot gives you a good idea of its dimensions in relation to a regular charm box. Apparently it’s very heavy, but still of a travel box size. If you have been collecting Pandora for years like me, perhaps it would be best suited to showcasing a small portion of your collection, such as rings and lockets, rather than for everything.

Image by Jessica-Alice Fox Gibson

I don’t currently know which other regions will be getting these boxes, but will update the post should I hear more!

My Comment

My Pandora collection long outgrew the storage capacity offered by most jewellery boxes, so I store everything in a non-Pandora stackers box (and have added an extra layer since this picture was taken!):

Nevertheless, I do like the look of the smaller pink box and think it would be nice for storing my non-charm jewellery – my Pandora rings and necklaces – which has its own Stackers layer currently.

Are you tempted by either of these? How do you store your Pandora?


March 25, 2018 by Mora Pandora |

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