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My wife and I have been married for 23 years and we have never looked back except for one thing. We never went on a real honeymoon. So with our 10th anniversary approaching we decided that it was hunger long overdue and we needed a proper celebration.  We have always been very frugal with our money and so we very rarely spent money on things that were not practical or needed such as vacations.

She is very sexually reserved and our sex life while satisfying has been very conservative. We decide to book a trip to Mexico at an all-inclusive resort for 1 week. This would be the first time we would be away from the kids together for more than a night since the birth of our first child and I was hoping that my wife would break out of the norm and open up a little.

I was looking forward to getting away, just the 2 of us, focusing on just us. In the days leading up to our trip I fantasied about what we would do with our time. Sandy beaches, warm weather, relaxing, reconnecting and hopefully lots of sex. I knew we would probably have our traditional adult time but was hopeful of a little more excitement. Much to my surprise I got more than I was hoping for.

anniversaryOur first day was a travel day and we got to the resort late. We were both pretty tired form the day so the first night was uneventful. We woke up the next day (our anniversary) deciding to just relax on the beach at our resort and get into the mood of 6 days with just each other. We swam, walked the beach and just let the day pass us by sunbathing. She is so beautiful that it was hard not to want to take her back to the room all day long. Seeing her in her bathing suit, holding her in my arms in the water and walking together on a perfect sandy beach had me hard several times that day. I was very much anticipating the evening to come.

About an hour before the sun set we decided to head back to the room and get cleaned up for dinner. The plan was for both us to just jump in the shower to get ready for dinner, but after watching her undress revealing her perfect breasts, nipples hard from the chill of her wet suit, her bushy treasure, and freshly tan skin, I quickly started to rise.

She knew I was watching her. She put her right foot up on the toilet and spread her leg giving me a full view of her perfect pussy. She ran her finger from the bottom of her slit to the top and said, “Can’t wait to feel your tongue right here”. I was a little surprised but was focused on the thought of what she had just said.

Then she jumped in the shower and I quickly followed harder than I ever remembered being. She soaped me down taking her time caressing my body working her way down from my shoulders. As she got lower she skipped my throbbing member and finished my legs and feet.

anniversaryThe anticipation was intense as she worked her way back up. Much to my surprise she quickly took me into her mouth put her hands on my ass and pulled me deep inside her mouth. She slid me out slow and sucked hard on the tip while swirling her tongue around it. I thought I was going to cum but she released me as quick as she took me and said, ” My turn”.

I began to soap her down starting from her shoulders and worked my way to her beautiful breasts. As I massaged them, I softly pinched her erect nipples. She drew a soft moan and slid my hands down to her stomach.

I continued washing, skipping her precious area. I worked down her legs to her feet. As I worked my way back up, I could tell she was anticipating where I was going as she slightly opened her legs allowing easy access to her now swollen, wet pussy. I cupped her with my right hand and worked my middle finger between her lips, caressing her softness. She drew another moan this time a little more passionate.

I slowly worked my finger up into her opening and slid my thumb across her erect clit. I slowly thrust my right middle finger deeper inside her wanting pussy. She moaned with delight one last time and lifted me up. She gave me a passionate kiss before saying, “You’ll have to wait till later for more”. She asked me to get out so she could shave her legs and wash her hair.

I had never seen her be a tease before so I wasn’t sure what to think. I was a little disappointed to stop but I didn’t want to push it. I got out, put my robe on, and decided to lie out on balcony while she finished.  I was watching the sun that was just setting.

anniversaryAfter what seemed like a half hour she came out onto the balcony and leaned on the open railing looking out at the people walking in the dimly lit courtyard. I asked her if she was ready to go get some dinner. She paused for what seemed like 30 seconds and finally said, “I think I want dessert first,” as she turned to me and opened her robe giving me a great view of her body exposed by the light coming from inside are room.

I admired her perfectly round breasts, full and firm with excitement, and her newly shaved, swollen, wet pussy that was glistened in the light. I instantly came to full attention as I have never seen her naked outside or have a shaven pussy. Two of my biggest fantasies coupled into one.

She quickly pulled my robe open and straddled me, lowering herself onto my stomach. She leaned over and starting kissing my neck and worked her way to my nipples. She started sucking and quickly went to lightly biting as she knew that would drive me crazy. She slid down kissing me all the way until she eventually took me into her mouth again.

I was trying to be quiet but let out a moan with that first deep penetration and hard suck. She reached around grabbing my ass, pulling her mouth over my throbbing cock and sucking hard as she slid back up. She stayed slow and steady for a couple of minutes as she caressed my balls with one hand and lightly pinched my nipple with the other.

She worked her way back up, resumed straddling me, placed her pussy over my cock, put her left nipple in my mouth as she said, “I want you to suck on me.”

She started grinding her pussy over my cock. It felt so good to feel my throbbing manhood sliding between her wet, hot lips. I gladly obliged and started sucking lightly. She quickly said, “Suck hard, bite me.”

As I did, she let a loud moan that was sure to get someone’s attention but we were both lost in the moment and no one else existed. She pushed her breasts together putting both nipples into my mouth. She continued to grind and I continued to suck hard and bite gently.

She was getting hotter than I had ever seen her before and moaning with a light tone I had never heard before. She was so wet she was dripping all over my rock hard manhood. She finally pulled away and said, “I want to cum in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue inside me.”

anniversaryShe moved up straddling me putting her silky smooth pussy right at my awaiting mouth. I took one big lick from her sweet hole all the way to her swollen clit. She moaned with more intensity than ever. The heat, the taste, the texture of her perfectly shaved pussy was amazing and I couldn’t get enough.

She immediately took control and started rocking her hips thrusting her pussy into my mouth, grinding her sweet spot along my tongue. She moaned slowly and deep with such intensity I could feel her climax approaching. She was getting wetter and wetter and her grinding halted with her clit in my mouth as she said, “Suck it hard.”

As I did she said, “Oh, oh, I’m coming”. She quickly went from “mm… mm….” to “oh….oh….”, then to her climax, “uh…….uh……UH…..” She released what seemed like a river of love juice that surprised me and quickly satisfied my hunger. She pulled back and stood over me shaking as I held her stable at the hips.

“Oh my God, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she said, then took a deep breath and said, “I want you inside me.”

She grabbed my throbbing cock and lowered herself on to me. We both felt an immediate surge of connected pleasure, each letting out a simultaneous moan. She rocked her hips slowly but forcefully, stimulating every inch of my manhood with her wet, hot, throbbing, love tunnel.

“I want to pull every ounce of cum out of you,” she said.

I immediately started a moan to let her know it was rapidly approaching. She pulled my face into her breast, thrust down hard on my pulsing cock.

“Oh baby, cum inside me,” she said as she started clamping down and releasing, repeating until she sent me over the edge.

We have had good sex before but this was a higher level of connection that my words cannot properly describe. It’s amazing how connected mentally, physically, and spiritually two lovers can be when we let go and become one under the grace of God’s great design. It took us 10 years to get to this point and I can’t wait to see what 20 years is going to bring.

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