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Lily Donaldson Fashion

Lily Donaldson, model extraordinaire and the girl with the best closet of basics ever. Unlike other models, when it comes to fashion, she doesn’t seem to dabble in overboard prints or too-much-designer.

Lily tends to wear a very dressed-down, basic version of everything, always looking comfortable and just-cool-enough. On the odd occasion that she does get slightly more dressed up than shorts/tees/boots, she errs on the grungier side of things. For example, leather, plaid, grey tees, dark glasses.

When I flick through photos of Lily, I rarely see an outfit that I wouldn’t wear. I would easily do her biker boots/red lipstick mixed with torn shorts & grey tee ensemble – this seems like the perfect pre-summer outfit for a Saturday afternoon. I’d mix it up in summer with the gladiator sandals.

Lily Donaldson Fashion

Her dressier style seems to be more androgynous than feminine. She wears skinny jeans or leggings on her long legs and ends them with ankle boots (just to get those extra few inches). Slouchy tee, as always. Loose hair. Maybe a little something extra in the form of a glittery clutch or a pair of dark glasses, but nothing too overboard or flashy.

I want to mess with biker boots and shorts, invest in several glittery/shiny clutches, have hair that is not so thick that it falls down when I put it up, find the perfect red lipstick, get a great pair of dark glasses and learn that oh-so-sought after look of never trying too hard.

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Lily Donaldson Fashion
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Lily Donaldson Fashion images
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Watch Lily Donaldson Fashion video

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