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Captain Marvel

Music by

Pinar Toprak

Cinematography by

Ben Davis


Elliot Graham
Debbie Berman




6 milion

Captain Marvel is an upcoming film that is based on the Marvel character . It will be released on , .





In March , confirmed "[they had] talked a lot" about the character headlining their first film with a female protagonist, while acknowledging she had taken on the mantle of in the comics. Later, he mentioned Captain Marvel as one of the films he is asked the most about from fans.

It was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con on , that would play the lead of the film.

On , , rumors were confirmed that would reprise his role as the character and co-star alongside .

At the San Diego Comic-Con on , 2017, head said that 'Captain Marvel' will be set in the 1990s. The panel also revealed concept art for the production, and unveiled the shape-shifting alien as the main villains of the film.

The movie started production in Atlanta on , , and will use Pinewood Atlanta Studios as its home base.

On , 2017, Variety confirmed Jude Law's casting as as well as 's involvement as the film's villain.

On , 2018, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive first look on Larson's Captain Marvel, and confirmed Mendelsohn's casting as the Skrull's leader, .



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