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Purchase #1728

English Ver.

.28 / 2,052JPY A girl who is ambitious to be the strongest adventurer Rilina's journey started. In the middle of her way, however, she was tempted by a succubus and got into a cursed armor! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1563

English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY On a full moon night, the puppy I rescue is... some kind of lupine!? DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #1515

Exclusive English Ver.

.28 / 2,052JPY Umemaro3D movie collection #16 DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #1236

English Ver.

.25 / 2,160JPY An English RPG about the light-hearted, erotic adventures of a sexy tanned princess! Thirsty old men want her, and horny monsters can't have her. Her mouth says no but deep down... The choice is up to you! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1867

Everyday Sexual Life with a Sloven Classmate [TissuBox]


Exclusive English Ver.

.62 / 1,080JPY A pixel art animation illustrating an H life! Enjoy Story Mode where you have sex in different locations with your lust-filled classmate, or "Daily Life" mode where you can freely enjoy yourself. DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1453

English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY This is a 2D Beat 'em Up side scroller game. You can go front or back of the screen in this game which employs Z-axis. DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceTrial


Purchase #1293

.40 / 1,728JPY Lulier, a cat-eared girl in the Magical Land, struggles to get the Nekoronomicon back stolen by a thief with her magic spells in this Exploration-Based Action Game. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1162

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY RPG+ANIME+CG Doujin game of "Drgon Ball", complete all the Gallery Movie! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #538

INSULT ORDER Cocky Cat Girls' Pleasure Corruption is on the Menu [miconisomi]


.87 / 3,240JPY Hardcore Real-Time 3D! Let's train heroines as you like Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #1020

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY [Tower Defense Action] In a world of only women, women will protect a city of women in the adult action game! Destroy the approaching enemy! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #978

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY It's sextreme survival! A battle fck RPG to survive on an island ruled by succubi! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #853

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY An RPG, where the princess turns into a pervert. DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #666

English Ver.

.28 / 2,052JPY An authentic FPS game melded with eroticism! Due to an epidemic virus outbreak the world is flooded with Z! Can you survive along with the three heroines through this hellish ordeal!? DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrial


Purchase #1040

English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY Another ACT game of crafty ladies comes! An One x Shota (Elder girls x Younger boy) fighting action only with mouse control, for masochist male players. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1881

Orction [Hurricane Dot Com]


Til Nov. 2, 10 a.m. (JST)

Exclusive English Ver.

.70 .7330% OFF / 528JPY756JPY A completely pixelated animation work! Restrain and rear up to 10 elves. Make the pregnant and sell them at a higher price. Birthing scenes and cumdump scenes available. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #440

.95 / 3,024JPY There's never a scene where the hero's in charge... Monmusu Quest! Is! Back! Inc. Music


Purchase #666

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY An exploration based action game to prevent an enigmatic ritual from operating with the help of the divine power. DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #785


.43 / 1,620JPY An exploration style side-scrolling action game. Following on from the "LAB-Still Alive-" incident, this time another incident is taking place in an underground research facility. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #633

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY This is a 2D ACT "Battle Fck" game where a shota (young boy) fights with girls. Let's combat against young girls, elder girls and monster girls! (defeat means reverse-rpe) DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #663

English Ver.

.17 / 2,376JPY An authentic 3D Dungeon RPG presented by LunaSoft! Get the very deepest floor of the dungeon together with your five spirits! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1068

Exclusive English Ver.

.58 / 1,188JPY His comrades all killed, not even his father was spared... On this day, Deelo's furious tale of vengeance began. Raise the flag of an Orcish revival over the pregnant bellies of conquest! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #818

Exclusive English Ver.

.40 / 1,728JPY Explore, solve puzzles and fight your way through this R18 Action Game. Save the innocent, assist Lina to uncover the inconvenient truth and fight against a wild conspiracy! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #750

.43 / 1,620JPY An active sneaking / stealth escape RPG where you must evade and
escape from a house where 3 succubi live within a given time limit. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #402

.95 / 3,024JPY There's never a scene where the hero's in charge... This! Is! Monmusu Quest! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #569

Summer The Blind Spot in Mizube Park [studio WS]


Exclusive English Ver.

.40 / 1,728JPY This game provides you a realistic virtual experience of a certain XXX incident which happened two years ago. Utilizes "Mouse Control" for efficient one handed play ;) DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #649

English Ver.

.47 / 1,512JPY This maiden serving the Spirit of Water throws herself into the battlefield. An authentic side-scrolling exploration ACT! ChineseInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #980

Exclusive English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY Summon monsters to attack and ravage your foes, covering them in 'fluids'! A gangbang and orgy themed pixel animated action game! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #836

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY A girl who fights against villains in her robot, is involved in an erotic PR activities... DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1123

English Ver.

.66 / 972JPY When you wake up, you are in an unfamiliar place... Where am I? Why am I here? Who... am I...? But those things don't actually matter... if you get to have sex with cute girls!!! Inc. Music


Purchase #1010

English Ver.

.62 / 1,080JPY 137 base CG (63 CG + 58 battle animations + 16 from append) 48 CG of the protagonist alone! A Multi Ending Adult Only RPG with 3 routes and 10 endings! ChineseDLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime


Purchase #387

Exclusive English Ver.

.68 / 3,780JPY The popular authentic belt-scrolling action game rises again! Now 100% translated into English! Enjoy as transforming heroine Mistletear faces waves of violation in both Action and Adventure style! (Then dish out your own serving of JUSTICE!) DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #565

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY Adventure in a land filled with various types of monsters and search the town for events galore in this RPG flavored exploration style 2D erotic action game! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #784

English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY A grand-scale action platform with narrative elements! By a coincidence or a destined fate, Vena meets a supernatural organism Guardian. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #391

Monmusu Quest! Origins -Assaulted by the Vamp- [Toro Toro Resistance]


English Ver.

.06 / 2,700JPY The story of being reverse-molested by sexy inhuman vixens! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #424

After Service Gangbang Addicts [miconisomi]


.17 / 2,376JPY - Hardcore real time 3D gangbangs! Bukkake / Ecchi for two / Over 50 types of touchy foreplay! Real time 3D with cross-section views and character customization!! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #496

Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling- [FreakilyCharming]


.28 / 2,052JPY At first things were weird. She was naturally distrusting. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #675

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY (RPG) To do a lot of good, sometimes you gotta be a little bad... DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #746

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY Kaede Kirishima is suddenly sent 100 years into the future to a world totally devastated by zombies! This is the erotic tale of her struggles getting back to her own time period... DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #724

English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY [Animation Shota RPG] I am the only man left in a world where men have disappeared... women attack! Avoid the battle fck and return the world to its original state! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #711

Dusk Railway [AlexProject]


English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY Prostitution SLG Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #520

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY Tiara chose the path of MOST resistance... to FIGHT! A side scrolling action game with real time parameters and high quality pixel art + highly erotic situations galore! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #405

.21 / 2,268JPY 120 base CG (62 CG + 58 battle animations) 48 CG of the protagonist alone! (most amount of all our works so far) A Multi Ending Adult Only RPG with 3 routes and 10 endings! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #589

Exclusive English Ver.

.47 / 1,512JPY A action game where all scenes are 2D pixel art animated VORE! Battle against monsters, reclaim the city and restore peace with 4 controllable characters! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #622

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY An ideal noble girl is in fact a real slut! She will satisfy her lewd demands in this summer vacation! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #993

Witch Island II [Alibi+]


Exclusive English Ver.

.70 / 864JPY Hotel + Dungeon SLG. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #684

Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth [Circle Exelga]


English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY The final female hero Elestia faces a misfortunate and obscene fate. Inc. MusicTrialComike90


Purchase #607

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY Our strong-minded heroine explores around a village that is becoming unsafe in this RPG centered on events. DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #572

Exclusive English Ver.

.36 / 1,836JPY You will find you have reached to the place which is a magical world. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #593

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY Dodge through villainesses' attacks and temptations to save the warrior of the moon! A fighting action game with 2D pixel art erotica! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceTrial


Purchase #510

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY Women have been disappearing into a mysterious labyrinth... Play as half elf Seria and uncover the truth. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #1094

Exclusive English Ver.

.73 / 756JPY Including the bosses, all enemies can be avoided, tempted and / or
ambushed in this short stealth themed RPG. [Official English Translation
Version Released!] DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #407

A Busty JK Teaches How To Do Petit Compensated Dating [School Love]

Digital Novel


.25 / 2,160JPY School Love presents an ultimate game-for-fap specialized 'oral acts'! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeAPK Included


Purchase #1015

Exclusive English Ver.

.73 / 756JPY This busty witch is to be put through an endless violation by monsters in a dungeon... DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #432

.40 / 1,728JPY An Ero Ryona (hardcore) 2D Side-Scroll ACT game. Beat the dungeon through various erotic attacks of monsters and ryona attacks of traps on the way. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrialGuro / Scat


Purchase #1022

Exclusive English Ver.

.73 / 756JPY In the process of attempting to wipe away rumors of her being a slut, Yuna ends up becoming even more of a slut... DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #404

English Ver.

.36 / 1,836JPY Brand-new erotic fantasy, "Adorevia"! Explore around the Adorevia continent together with brave and lewd companions! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #750

Everyday Sexual Life with Hikikomori Sister [TissuBox]


English Ver.

.66 / 972JPY You have just started living independently and your freeloading little sister, Nana, decides to help you out with your cherry boy problem! Trial


Purchase #400

.10 / 2,592JPY The most indecent third person shooting game in Japan (self proclaimed)! 3DCGTrialGuro / Scat


Purchase #486

English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY 20XX A.D. ... Shukujincho Girls Academy is under bug attack. Over 50 ero scenes! High quality pixel animated action! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #501

English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY Lewdest Labyrinth is a first person dungeon crawler, lewd enemies and traps await at every turn! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #332


.32 / 1,944JPY This RPG falls into the category of "Transforming heroine assault". This game puts a strong emphasis on fetishism of heroine-in-pinch and violation. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #484

The Last Girl Janna's diary of shame (English / PC Edition) [Banana King]


English Ver.

The Last Girl Janna's diary of shame (English / PC Edition) .55 / 1,296JPY The doom has come, facing all the dark sides of humanity and men who have become animal, alone. Can you survive? Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #315

.32 / 1,944JPY Defeat = Sex Slave! A reverse rpe themed "Battle Fck" RPG where you must escape from ruins with many monster girls in your path. Sex your way to FREEDOM! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #159

.68 / 3,780JPY An Authentic Belt-scroll Action & H Game featuring a Transforming Heroine of Justice! With both Real Time H Scenes in the Action Part and Thorough Fap Event H Scenes in the Visual Novel Part! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #383



English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY A girl wakes up in the school's gymnasium storeroom. Realtime 3D visuals. DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #313

English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY Battle+Puzzle ACT. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #265

Exclusive English Ver.

.21 / 2,268JPY A new adventure (picnic) for the TRIGGER HAPPY GIRLS! Enjoy a number of different game modes in this Side-Scrolling Pixel Art Action Game with plenty of new content! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #538

Housesitting With Little Sister 2 [TissuBox]


Exclusive English Ver.

.62 / 1,080JPY The brother and sister that were left to their own devices by their overseas travelling parents and still at it, enjoying day after day of sexual indulgence. DLsite Official TranslationTrial


Purchase #327

.32 / 1,944JPY An exploration based erotic beat 'em up game that enemies carry out a variety of erotic attacks! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #418

SoldGirl Town [gamecolon]


.36 / 1,836JPY Abduct them, discipline them and then sell them on the flesh market as prostitutes! gamecolon presents you a Real Time 3D 'Business' Management Simulation Game! Inc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrial


Purchase #759

English Ver.

.73 / 756JPY A voice patch for the hellish cumsuckery RPG "Succubus Prison House of Lewd Demons"!! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #463

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY I concentrated and time itself stopped. Presenting a hand drawn animated time stopping action game! Of course, the flow of time will return afterwards, totally wrecking them gals! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #288

She is Sexaroid ver.VR [Damin's]



.98 / 2,916JPY [VR] A First Person Perspective Sex Simulation Game. "That was...... One melancholic early afternoon...... Perplexed by the sudden encounter we nonetheless 'drowned'......
Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #606


.55 / 1,296JPY A patch for the Steam version of "Dark Elf" that adds R18 content. By using this DLC, you can easily turn said game into an erotic content filled fckfest!


Purchase #303

English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY She kept herself hidden in her apartment for three months... Side-scrolling action survivor horror. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #523

Exclusive English Ver.

.51 / 1,404JPY The world has become a very dangerous place for Kapel. DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #621

English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY An RPG where you level... down!? Turn the powerful princess into a weakling in this eroti game of corrupting shame and pleasure! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #357

Exclusive English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY Brimming with curiosity and a bit of sexiness, Emulis takes her maiden journey, but will it take her where she hopes? DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #210

.10 / 2,592JPY Brand new product from Tinkle Bell! A full animation adventure! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #236

.13 / 2,484JPY Once fell into a trap, this insect huntress Saki is made into a seeding bed of the lewd insects. She gets flows of semen and forced to give birth to a number of insects... Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #425


.58 / 1,188JPY Planet Exploration ACT. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #398

Exclusive English Ver.

.47 / 1,512JPY The Animation RPG "Succubus Nightmare" is back with further enriched content! Succubi come near to you to perform pleasing attacks on you. Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #192

English Ver.

.98 / 2,916JPY Shota x Ero x BL with classic RPG gameplay! Recruit cute monsters and have an adventure! ChineseInc. MusicTrialHomosexual Expressions


Purchase #281

English Ver.

.40 / 1,728JPY Doll House presents to you their first 'Wife' themed work! DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. Anime3DCGTrial


Purchase #374

English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY H & Killing Monsters R18 Action Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #298

Exclusive English Ver.

.32 / 1,944JPY 2D side scrolling belt/arcade action with lots of content! 7 stages / 20 CGs / 10 After Effects anime / 50+ pixel anime DLsite Official TranslationInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #363

Exclusive English Ver.

.55 / 1,296JPY Hal is an insatiable, easily impregnated human prostitute in a world of monsters. Follow her daily misadventures in a game featuring a variety of transformations! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #228



English Ver.

.25 / 2,160JPY Chocolat and Vanilla star in a rich adult eroge series with E-mote system and animated H scenes ChineseInc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrialComike87


Purchase #933

English Ver.

.73 / 756JPY Fight your way through 38 levels of arcade action. Upgrade your ship and improve your piloting skills to protect Earth and fend off what lurks in space! Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #426

Exclusive English Ver.

.62 / 1,080JPY Erotic Trip RPG Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #530

Raising funds for Chisa's treatment (using sex) [MufufuFoundation]


English Ver.

.70 / 864JPY A poor sickly girl provides sexual favors in return for financial aid. A touchy-feely interactive animation work which smoothly moves thanks to Live2D technology. DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #300

Exclusive English Ver.

.47 / 1,512JPY "Exploration Action" in Evil's Castle! Control this combatant in a maid costume "Eva" to freely explore around the vast castle! DLsite Official TranslationInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #285

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY An erotic side-scrolling action game. You can enjoy exciting action packed battles against a myriad of monsters & heroine violation animations for every monster that appears in game. Inc. MusicTrial


Purchase #427

.43 / 1,620JPY An Oneshota Sword Action Game - Wield a blade against hotties who spread violence and seduction! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicInc. AnimeTrial


Purchase #122

Taimanin Asagi .ZERO [Lilith]


.72 / 3,672JPY Introducing a new episode of the chart-topping series "Taimanin", which recorded 360,000 purchases overall! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #287

.43 / 1,620JPY Side Scrolling Indie Game / Survival Horror / Pixel Graphics Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #228

.32 / 1,944JPY A huntress girl in heat was branded with a lewd emblem by evil creatures. Wearing various costumes (armors), she hunts evil creatures at noon and dcks at night!! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #310

English Ver.

.43 / 1,620JPY She fights monsters to save her sister. A top-down 3D action game. DLsite Official TranslationInc. Music3DCGTrial


Purchase #226

.32 / 1,944JPY RPG where three novice adventurer girls go through dungeons with countless ero traps! Inc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial


Purchase #532

Housesitting With Little Sister [TissuBox]


Exclusive English Ver.

.70 / 864JPY Parents trust the house to a brother and sister while they travel... DLsite Official TranslationTrial

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