How to contour right

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Word Definition oakum old ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of how to contour right ships oakus wallet; pocket billfold oast kiln to dry hops or malt obambulate to wander about obdormition numbness in right a limb caused by pressure on a nerve obduracy stubbornness; persistence obedible docile; capable of obedience obedientiary someone subject to obedience obeism practice of West African magic obeliscolychny lighthouse obelisk dagger sign used as a critical mark or note obelize to condemn as spurious, doubtful, or corrupt obelus division sign; mark used to indicate unacceptable passages obeophone mechanical keyboard instrument used to imitate woodwind instruments obequitate to ride about obfuscate to obscure; to darken; to confuse obganiate to irritate someone by constantly repeating oneself obi broad sash worn with a kimono obit religious office for a dead person obiter in passing; incidentally obitual of, like or pertaining to obituaries objectivism doctrine that all reality is objective objicient objector objuration the act of binding by oath; a solemn charge objurgate to chide; to scold; to rebuke oblate flattened at opposite sides or poles oblate layman living in a religious community under modified rule oblation act of offering; a sacrifice; anything offered in worship oblectation enjoyment; pleasure obliquation obliqueness oblivescence forgetfulness; forgetting oblocutor one who denies or disputes obloquy censure; calumny; slander; disgrace obluctation resistance; opposition obmutescent speechless; persistently silent obnixely earnestly; strenuously obnubilate to becloud; to obscure obolary extremely poor obreption seeking to obtain a gift by false premises obrogate to alter the law by passing a new law obrotund round but flattened on top and bottom obscurantism policy of withholding knowledge from the public obsecrate to beseech; to implore obsequent flowing in opposite direction to original slope of land obsequies funeral obsequious servilely ingratiating; fawning observationalism belief that all knowledge is based on observation obsidional of, like or pertaining to a siege obsign to seal or confirm obsolagnium waning sexual desire due to age obstetrics study of midwifery obstreperous noisy; unruly obstriction obligation obtend to put forward or allege obtenebrate to cast a shadow over obtest to call to witness; to adjure; to protest; to beseech obtruncate to cut or lop off the head of obtund to blunt or dull; to deaden obtundent dulling obturate to stop up; to seal up obumbrate to overshadow obvallate walled in; sealed up obvention any incidental occurrence or advantage obvert to turn; to alter obvolute overlapping; twisted obvolvent enwrapping; curved downward or inward ocarina egg-shaped flute-like wind instrument occamy alloy imitating gold or silver occasionalism belief that interactions between mind and body are intermediated by God occipital of, like or pertaining to the back of the head occlusion closing of an opening, passage or cavity occultation concealing of one heavenly body by another ocellated eyelike and ringed; having an eyelike spot or spots ocellus small eye or eye-like coloured spot ochlesis sickness resulting from overcrowded living conditions ochlocracy government by mobs ochlophobia fear of crowds ochre yellowish or yellow-brown colour ochroleucous yellowish white ocracy government ocreate wearing boots or leggings octactinal having eight rays or points octad set of eight things octamerous having parts in eights octan recurring every eight days octapla multi-lingual book in eight texts octarchy government by eight people octarius pint octastich poem of eight lines octingentenary eight hundredth anniversary of an event octodont degu octonary of, like or pertaining to or consisting of eight things; grouped in eights octonocular having eight eyes octothorp hash; pound sign octroi trading privilege, monopoly or concession granted to a town oculate having eyes oculiform shaped like an eye oculus round window, especially over main door in church od mild oath odalisque female slave in a harem odditorium place for displaying oddities odeum a usually small theatre or concert hall odible worthy of hatred odium hatred; offensiveness; blame odograph odometer; instrument for measuring distance travelled odology science of the hypothetical mystical force of od odontalgia toothache odonterism chattering of the teeth odontist dentist odontogeny origin and development of teeth odontograph instrument for obtaining curves for gear-teeth odontography scientific description of teeth odontoid tooth-like odontology study of teeth odontoloxia irregularity of the teeth odontomancy divination using teeth odophone scale of odours odoriferous emitting a usually pleasant smell odorimetry measurement of strength and persistence of odours odorivector substance producing an odour oecist founder of a colony oecodomic of, like or pertaining to architecture oeillade an ogle; a glance or wink oenology study of wines oenomancy divination by studying appearance of wine oenomania obsession or craze for wine oenometer instrument for measuring alcoholic strength of wine oenophile one who is fond of or loves wine oenophobia fear or hatred of wine oenopoetic of, like or pertaining to wine-making oersted unit of magnetic field strength oestrogenic producing female sex hormones officialism excessive devotion to routine or position officinal belonging to or used in a shop officious volunteering one's services too eagerly ogdoad set of eight ogee S-shaped ogive graph representing cumulative frequency ogonek mark placed under Slavic consonant to indicate nasalization ohmmeter instrument for measuring electrical resistance oikology science of housekeeping oikonisus desire to start a family oinomancy divination using wine okapi short-necked giraffe olamic of or belonging to a vast period or eon oleaginous oily, fawning or sycophantic olecranon funny bone oleic of, like or pertaining to or derived from oil oleiferous producing oil olent having a smell; fragrant oleograph print in oil-colours to imitate an oil painting oleography lithography employed to resemble oil painting oleometer instrument for measuring amount of oil in a substance oleraceous of the nature of a pot-herb; for kitchen use; edible olericulture growing of herbs and vegetables olfactible able to be smelled olfactology study of the sense of smell olfactometer instrument measuring intensity of odour of a substance olid rank-smelling oligarchy government by the few oligochrome work of art using few colours oligodynamic of, like or pertaining to the effect of small quantities oligogenics birth control oligomania obsession with a few thoughts or ideas oligophrenia feeble-mindedness oligopoly market situation of few sellers of a service oligopsony market situation of few buyers of a service oligosyllable word of few syllables olim formerly olio miscellany; potpourri olitory of, like or pertaining to kitchen vegetables olivaceous olive-coloured olivary olive-shaped olivaster having an olive complexion olivet artificial pearl olivetta container used to hold olives oliviform shaped like an olive ollamh learned man in ancient Ireland olm blind aquatic cave-dwelling European salamander ololygmancy fortune-telling by the howling of dogs ombré shadowy; shaded; dusky ombrology study of rain ombrometer rain-gauge ombrophilous tolerant of large amounts of rainfall ombrophobia fear of rain omegoid shaped like a horseshoe or omega ommateum compound eye omneity state of being all; allness omniana about all sorts of things omnicompetent legally competent in all matters omnifarious of all kinds omniferous bearing everything omnify to make large or universal omnigatherum miscellaneous assemblage or collection omnigenous of all kinds omniloquent speaking on all subjects omniparity general equality omnism belief in all religions omophagy eating of raw flesh as a ritual observance omoplatoscopy divination by observing cracks in burning scapulae omphalism centralization in government omphaloid navel-like omphalomancy divination from the knots in the umbilical cord omphalopsychite one who meditates by gazing at the navel omphalos the navel; a boss; a centre omphaloskepsis navel-gazing onager military engine for throwing great stones onager Asiatic wild ass onanism masturbation; self-gratification oncogenesis producing cancerous tumours oncology study of tumours oncometer instrument measuring change in size of internal organs oncosimeter instrument measuring variations in density of molten metal oncostman mine worker paid by the day ondograph instrument measuring change in wave formations of electricity ondoyant wavy oneiric of, like or pertaining to dreams oneirocriticism dream interpretation oneirodynia nightmare oneirology study of dreams oneiromancy divination by dreams one-step ballroom dance marked by quick walking steps oniomania mania for making purchases oniscoid like a woodlouse onocrotal old term for the pelican onolatry worship of asses or donkeys onomamania mania for names onomancy divination using a donkey or ass onomancy divination using proper names onomasiology study of nomenclature onomastic of, like or pertaining to a name or signature onomasticon dictionary of proper names onomastics study of proper names onomatomania irresistible desire to repeat certain words onomatophobia fear of hearing a certain word onomatous bearing the author's name ontal of, like or pertaining to reality or existence ontocyclic returning to an infantile state or character in old age ontogenesis origin and development of a single individual organism ontography description of reality, essence or being ontological based upon being or existence ontology science of pure being; the nature of things ontosophy knowledge of being or existence onychocryptosis ingrowing toenail onychoid like a fingernail onychomancy divination by the fingernails onychophagist nail-biter onychophorous bearing nails or claws onychotillomania compulsive picking at the fingernails onymancy divination by the fingernails onymatic of, like or pertaining to names onymous bearing the author's name onymy scientific nomenclature onyxis ingrown nail oogenesis production of eggs or ova ooidal egg-shaped oology study of eggs oomancy divination using eggs oometer instrument for measuring eggs oophoron ovary oose furry dust that gathers under beds ootocous producing eggs; oviparous opacimeter instrument for measuring opacity opacular somewhat opaque opalescence milky iridescence opalotype photograph taken on a milky opal glass plate opeidoscope instrument for illustrating sound by means of light operculum cover or lid; lid-like organ or covering operose laborious; tedious ophelimity ability to please sexually; ability to satisfy ophiasis baldness in wavy bands ophic of, like or pertaining to serpents ophicleide keyed bass brass musical instrument ophidian of or like a snake ophidiarium snake-house ophidiomancy divination using snakes ophidiophobia fear of snakes ophiolatry worship of snakes ophiology study of snakes ophiomancy divination by watching snakes ophiomormous snakelike ophiomorphic shaped like a snake ophiophagous eating snakes ophiophilist snake-lover ophism snake-worship ophiuran brittle star ophthalmometer instrument for measuring the eye ophthalmophobia fear of being stared at ophthalmoscope instrument for viewing the interior of the eye opificer artificer opinable capable of being thought opiniaster one who obstinately holds to an opinion opinicus mythic heraldic winged beast with lion's body, eagle's head, camel's tail opinionator one who holds or gives an opinion opiomania craving for opium opisometer instrument for measuring curved lines opisthenar the back of the hand opisthograph manuscript or slab inscribed on both back and front opisthosomal of, like or pertaining to posteriors opodeldoc soapy liniment oppidan urban oppignorate to pawn oppilate to block up; to stop up oppositive indicating opposition or location opposite to opprobrium disgrace; bad reputation oppugn to attack by argument; to oppose; to call in question opsigamy one who marries late in life opsimath one who learns late in life opsiometer instrument for testing vision opsomania abnormal love for one kind of food opsonium anything eaten with bread as a relish optative mood expressing a desire or wish optics study of light optimate of the nobility or aristocracy optogram image fixed on the retina optology study of sight optometer instrument for testing vision optophobia fear of opening one's eyes optophone device transforming light into sound opuscule little work or composition or before or heraldic colour gold or yellow orad toward the mouth orad towards the mouth oragious stormy oralism instruction of the deaf through speech rather than sign language orangery building for growing orange trees in a cool climate orant representation of praying figure in early art orarian coastal; a coast-dweller orarion deacon's stole in Orthodox church orarium book of private devotions orarium handkerchief; scarf attached to bishop's staff oratiuncle short oration oratory small chapel for private prayer; lectern for prayer orbific creating the world orchesis act of dancing or rhythmical moving of the body orchesography notation of dance movements by means of diagrams orchidaceous exceptionally beautiful; gaudy; ostentatious orchidology study of orchids orchidomania abnormal obsession with orchids orchidometer instrument for measuring the size of the testicles ord point of a weapon; a beginning ordalian of, like or pertaining to an ordeal ordinal book containing religious rites, especially for ordination ordinant one who ordains ordinate in rows or columns ordo calendar with list of services for each day of the year ordonnance proper coordination of figures in a picture ordure loathsome dirt or refuse; something morally degrading oread mountain nymph orectic of, like or pertaining to appetite or desires oreillet earpiece of a helmet oremus Roman Catholic liturgical prayer orey-eyed expressing anger through the eyes orf viral infection of sheep orfèvrerie goldsmith's work organdie fine translucent cotton organicism conception of life or society as an organism organistrum early musical instrument resembling the hurdy-gurdy organity an organized whole organogenesis origin or development of living organs organography scientific description of organs organoleptic dealing with testing effects of a substance on senses organon method of investigation; logical technique or system organonomy laws of organic life organza transparent thin silk or nylon orguinette mechanical instrument with reeds and bellows, playing music from a paper roll orgulous proud; haughty oribi small African antelope with vertical horns orichalc gold-coloured alloy; brass oriel small room or recess with a polygonal bay window oriflamme banner of red silk split into several points oriform shaped like a mouth orillion semicircular projection on a bastion to protect flanks orismology technical definition or terminology orison prayer orleans interwoven cotton and worsted orlop lowest deck in a ship having four or more decks ormolu something expensive looking; gold-plated metal ornithic of, like or pertaining to birds ornithobiography life history of birds ornithoid bird-like ornithology study of birds ornithomancy divination by observing flight of birds ornithon aviary ornithophilous pollinated by birds ornithophobia fear of birds ornithopter bird-like archaic flying machine ornithoscopy bird watching orobathymetric of, like or pertaining to map showing submerged heights and sea depths orogen mountain pass orogenesis mountain-building orography description of mountains orohydrography description of the role of mountains in forming watersheds oroide alloy used to imitate gold orology study of mountains oropendola tropical oriole living in long hanging nests orotund marked by fullness and clarity of sound; pompous orphanotrophism care and support of orphans orpharion large lute with six to nine pairs of strings orphrey gold or other rich embroidery on clerical robes orpiment yellow arsenic compound used as pigment orrery clockwork model of the solar system ort scrap of food; morsel orthian high-pitched orthobiosis correct or moral living orthodromics great-circle sailing; sailing by most direct route orthoepy study of correct pronunciation orthogenesis directional evolution of organisms orthognathism state of having straight jaws orthographer correct speller orthography study of spelling; proper spelling practices orthology correct use of words orthopraxis correct practice in religion orthopter ornithopter; flying machine with moving wings orthopterology study of cockroaches orthostichous arranged in vertical rows orthotomic cutting at right angles orthotonic taking an accent in some but not all positions orthotropism vertical growth oryctognosy mineralogy oryctography description of minerals; mineralography oryctology mineralogy or paleontology oryctomancy divination using excavated objects oryx large antelope of Africa and Arabia with long horns oryzivorous rice-eating oscheal of, like or pertaining to the scrotum oscillograph instrument for recording alternating current wave forms oscillometer instrument for measuring ship's rollings oscilloscope instrument for detecting electrical fluctuations oscinine of, like or pertaining to song-birds oscitancy yawning; sleepiness; stupidity oscitate to yawn oscular of, like or pertaining to the mouth or to kissing osculate to kiss osculatory carved tablet kissed by priest during celebration of mass osmatic having olfactory organs osmesis act of smelling osmics scientific study of smells osmidrosis emission of ill-smelling sweat osmol unit of osmotic pressure osmology study of smells and olfactory processes osmometer instrument for measuring osmotic pressure osnaburg coarse linen or cotton osophy belief or doctrine osphresiology study of the sense of smell osphresis sense of smell ossein the organic basis of bone ossia alternatively; rather (in music) ossicle little bone or bone-like plate ossiferous bearing bones ossifrage osprey ossify to change into bone; to become callous or conventional ossivorous feeding on bones ossomancy divination using bones ossuary a depository for the bones of the dead osteal of, like or pertaining to, or comprised of bone ostensory container for holding consecrated Communion wafers ostent appearance; manifestation osteoclasis surgical breaking of a bone osteogenesis production or formation of bone osteography description of bones osteoid bony; bone-like osteology study of bones osteomancy divination using bones osteometry measurement of bones or skeleton osteophone device used to allow deaf to hear sounds through the cranium osteophyte abnormal bony outgrowth ostiary doorkeeper ostiolate having an opening ostiole a small opening ostium mouth-like opening ostler person who takes care of horses at an inn and/or sells oats ostracean of, like or pertaining to oysters ostraceous of, like or pertaining to oysters ostreiform shaped like an oyster ostreoid oyster-like ostreophagous oyster-eating ostrichism habit or policy of refusing to face unpleasant facts otacoustic aiding hearing otalgia earache otarine of, like or pertaining to seals otic of, like or pertaining to the ear otiose superfluous; redundant; futile; useless; functionless; idle otolith calcium concretion in inside of vertebrate's ear to aid in equilibrium otology study of the ear otorhinolaryngology study of ear, nose and throat otoscope instrument for examining the ear otosis mishearing of speech ottoman heavy clothing fabric with crosswise ribs oud wooden Middle Eastern lute ounce medium to large-sized great cat oundy wavy ouranomancy divination using the heavens ouroboros snake eating own tail symbolizing totality or completion oustiti lock-opening tool outage amount of commodity lost in transport and storage outcept excluding; unless outcross to breed individuals of different strains of a species outfling sharp retort or gibe outhaul rope used to haul a sail taut along a spar outjet projection outmantle to exceed in dress or ornament outmaster to overcome in a contest for mastery outrance the utmost extremity; the bitter end outré beyond what is proper; extravagant outrecuidance overwhelming arrogance or self-esteem outremer area beyond the sea; overseas outrigger spar extended from side of ship to help secure mast outroop auction out-through from end to end outwith outside of ouzel blackbird; a dark-haired person ovarious consisting of eggs overcross across; over overcrow to crow or triumph over overflush superfluity overhaile to overtake; to overpower overlock to oversew a hem or fabric edge to prevent fraying overlong over the length of overmantel ornamental structure set on a mantel-shelf overpoise weight sufficient to weigh another down overrack to overstrain overset to upset; to disorder overslaugh exemption from duty in turn when otherwise employed overthwart from side to side of ovibovine of, like or pertaining to musk-oxen ovicide killing insect eggs ovicide sheep-killing oviferous egg-carrying oviform like a sheep oviform shaped like an oval or egg ovigerous bearing eggs ovil sheep-fold ovine of, like or pertaining to sheep oviparous producing offspring through laying eggs ovivorous eating eggs ovivorous eating sheep ovopyriform having a shape between a pear and an egg ovoviviparous producing eggs which are hatched in parent's body ovuliferous bearing ovules owlery place frequented by owls owling smuggling wool or sheep oxford soft durable plain-woven cotton oxter to take under the arm; to support by taking the arm oxyacaesthesia extreme sharpness of senses oxyacanthous having sharp thorns oxyblepsia extremely keen sight oxygeusia extremely keen sense of taste oxymoron figure of speech combining contradictory terms oxyphonia sharpness or shrillness of voice oxytocic drug that hastens the process of childbirth oxytone word bearing acute accent on last syllable oystercatcher wading shorebird with reddish bill ozoniferous bearing ozone ozostomia bad breath

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