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Everybody knows that there’re literally hundreds of hair vendors in the virgin hair marketplace today. All these hair vendors are mainly located in China and India. You can choose a well-known, professional supplier with hair products reviews 2018 high quality hair (at a high price to match), or you can choose an AliExpress hair supplier if you’re more budget conscious. No matter which hair supplier we choose, out ultimate goal is always to get the best quality hair extensions for our money.

For the last couple of years, many women have been turning to AliExpress to buy the best quality hair at very affordable prices. But it’s not an easy job to find a good AliExpress hair vendor since there’re still hundreds of hair vendors from China who provide thousands of hair products with different qualities and prices. That’s why we’re here to help!

Everyday we read the black hair forums and African American hair magazines to find the latest black hair trends and hottest black celeb hairstyles. Then we go to Youtube for watching new added  AliExpress hair review videos. We guarantee the hair bundles we recommend in our blog posts are all with best quality and the AliExpress hair vendors we recommend are all reliable. We only read reviews with REAL PICTURES, REAL VIDEOS.

We keep on visiting hair factories in China to find the real truth of human hair that is seldom known by people outside the hair industry.

To save your time and money, we’ve curated  a list of the best AliExpress hair vendors that offer high quality hair for a fraction of the cost of the celebrity virgin hair suppliers.

We divide all these popular AliExpress hair vendors into 5 kinds: A-ListNot Bad, 2017 Newly Joined, 2018 Newly Joined and Top Ten This Month.

  • A-List AliExpress hair vendors means the highest-ranking AliExpress hair stores that have been built for years and with millions of great (positive) customer feedbacks. You can buy from them with full trust.
  • Not Bad of Best AliExpress Hair Sellers List refer to the stores with positive feedback levels higher than 95%. This list of AliExpress hair vendors always have many types of hair. Since they sell too many types of hair, there must be very good ones while there must be some just so so ones. The so so ones lowered their positive feedback levels. As for this list of hair vendors, buy their best-selling hair products! They will surprise you greatly!
  • 2017 Newly Joined refer to the new hair sellers that joined AliExpress in 2017. They’re new and we know nothing about them. So share your opinions and shopping experiences with us if you have tried them!
  • 2018 Newly Joined refer to the new hair sellers that joined AliExpress in 2018. We will keep the list updating until the end of year 2018.
  • Top Ten This Month refer to the AliExpress hair vendors who sell most in the former month.

A-List AliExpress Hair Vendors (BEST RECOMMENDED)

This list of AliExpress hair vendors have been built for at least 5 years and with 97%+ positive feedback levels.

  • ishow hair Official Store, 
  • QI HAIR Store, 
  • Beautiful Princess Hair Store, 
  • ALI GRACE Official Store, 
  • Unice Hair Store, 
  • bling hair Official Store,
  • Satai Official Store, 
  • Ali Pearl Official Store,
  • CYNOSURE Official Store,
  • ali coco Official Store, 
  • ISEE Official Store, 
  • ALIPOP Official Store, 
  • Ali Annabelle Official Store, 
  • Slovehair Official Store, 
  • MAXGLAM Official Store, 
  • CELIE Official Store, 
  • Alicrown Hair Official Store, 
  • Hair Boutiques Store, 
  • Wonder Girl Official Store, 
  • KARIZMA Official Store, 
  • Dolago Hair Store, 
  • Queenlike Official Store, 
  • Carina Hair Official Store, 
  • YYong Hair Store, 
  • gossip Official Store, 
  • RXY Official Store, 
  • RUIYU Official Store, 
  • mstoxic Official Store, 
  • SAY ME Official Store, 
  • Beaufox Official Store,
  • KRN Official Store,
  • VIP Beauty Hair Products Co.,Ltd, 
  • ALLRUN A Official Store, 
  • BEAUTY LUEEN Official Store, 
  • Alishes Factory Outlet Hair Store, 
  • LUFFY Official Store, 
  • shuangya hair Franchised Store, 
  • SEXAY Official Store, 

Not Bad

All AliExpress hair vendors in this list but suri hair Official Store have been built for at least 3 years and with 95%+ positive feedback levels. Everyone has its own STAR hair products and sell better than other hair vendors who sell same products.

  • nadula Official Store, 
  • VirgoHairCompany Store, 
  • Luvin Official Store, 
  • TINASHE Official Store, 
  • LUXURIOUS Official Store, 
  • Mi Lisa Hair Store, 
  • Lemoda Official Store, 
  • sterly Official Store, 
  • CRANBERRY Official Store, 
  • MSCOCO Official Store, 
  • Ali Sky Hair, 
  • ossilee Official Store,
  • Lumiere Official Store, 
  • SPARK Official Store, 
  • Oxeye Girl Official Store, 
  • Prosa Official Store, 
  • BeYo Official Store, 
  • mslynn Official Store, 
  • BEAUTY GRACE Official Store, 
  • TODAY ONLY Hair Online Store, 
  • Ever Beauty Official Store, 
  • Lucky Queen Official Store, 
  • HJ Weave Beauty Official Store, 
  • MSCATHAIR Official Store, 
  • Angel Grace Official Store, 
  • Modern Show Hair Products Co.,Ltd., 
  • vanlov Official Store, 
  • Soft Feel Hair Official Store, 
  • Tuneful Official Store, 
  • vallbest Official Store,
  • Trendy Beauty Hair Store, 
  • NEW STAR Official Store, 
  • You May Official Store, 
  • PURPLE DESIRE Hair Store, 
  • FaceBeauty Blonde Hair Store, 
  • DREAMING QUEEN HAIR Official Store,
  • Shining Star Official Store, 
  • wonderbeauty Hair Store, 
  • Queen Official Store, 
  • HCDIVA Official Store, 
  • FABC Official Store, 
  • alidoremi Official Store, 
  • Baisi Official Store, 
  • Yvonne Official Store, 
  • Luduna Osfficial Store, 
  • miss cara Official Store, 
  • aliafee Official Store, 
  • HC Hair Factory store, 
  • QTHair Official Store, 
  • ALIMICE Official Store, 
  • SoSilk Hair Store, 
  • Riya Official Store, 
  • Sleek Official Store, 
  • Queen Hair Official Store, 
  • Annmode Hair Store, 
  • CARA Official Store, 
  • Allove Hair Factory Store, 
  • ali queen Official Store, 
  • XBLHair Official Store, 
  • JAYCEE HAIR Official Store, 
  • Queen Mary Hair Factory Store, 
  • ALIBALLAD Official Store, 
  • Rcmei Hair Store, 
  • Mealid Official Store, 
  • Queen Hair Official Store, 
  • ALOT Official Store, 
  • Styleicon Hair Store, 
  • Siyo Official Store, 
  • Real Beauty Official Store, 
  • Na Beauty Official Store, 
  • Mornice Hair Official Store, 
  • Uneed Official Store, 
  • lace rosa Official Store, 


  • 2017 Newly Joined

  • Noble Official Store, 
  • BEAU DIVA Hair,
  • X-Elements Hair Store, 
  • sapphire High-End Hair Store,
  • Joedir Hair,
  • Hair Boutiques Store, 
  • BY Official Store, 
  • MISS ROLA Hair,
  • AllRun Hair Store, 
  • BlackPearl Store, 
  • HairUGo Store, 
  • BeauHair Factory Store, 
  • soph Queen Official Store, 
  • YXCHERISHAIR Official Store, 
  • REBECCA Fashion Hair,
  • HairVillaOutlet Store, 
  • HairVilla Hair,
  • Alishow Hair,
  • AmandaHair Store, 
  • Qingdao Wigs Store, 
  • Remi Hair Store, 
  • BleachableQueen Hair Store, 
  • BOBBI COLLECTION Official Store, 
  • 2018 Newly Joined

  • SA HAIR Factory Store, 
  • NAFUN Factory Salon Store, 
  • Gabrielle Human Hair Store, 
  • Monika Official Store, 
  • Kun Gang Official Store, 
  • ilaria Official Store, 
  • morichy Official Store, 
  • Qearl Hair Official Store, 
  • FashionQueen Hair Store, 
  • sophie’s Store, 
  • BINF Official Store, 
  • NAYOO Store, 
  • SHIREEN Official Store, 
  • MayQueenHair Store, 
  • Moxika Official Store, 
  • Upretty Hair, 
  • USEXY Hair, 
  • ALIMINA Salon Hair Store, 
  • Klaiyi Hair Store, 
  • Sunber Hair Store, 
  • Dorsanee Official Store, 
  • Dorisy Hair Store, 
  • Top Ten This Month

  1. NAFUN Factory Salon Store, +1680 sales, 
  2. ishow hair Official Store, +1600 sales,  
  3. QI HAIR Store, +1450 sales, 
  4. Beautiful Princess Hair Store, + 1360 sales,
  5. ALI GRACE Official Store, + 1350 sales, 
  6. Unice Hair Store, + 1190 sales, 
  7. BEAU DIVA Hair, + 1180 sales, 
  8. bling hair Official Store, + 950 sales, 
  9. Ali Pearl Official Store, + 840 sales, 
  10. sapphire High-End Hair Store, +830 sales, 

Rules that we should keep in mind all the time:

  1. A good AliExpress hair vendor never changes its name. AliExpress hair vendors that change their names without any reasons such as NO LONGER selling hair or received too many NEGATIVE reviews will be removed from the following list.
  2. Don’t buy from one with less than 100 orders! You should try to only purchase hair from vendors that have completed at least 100 orders, have a high rating of 90% and above. The vendor must be with a good number of positive reviews with PICTURES or VIDEOS.
  3. Good AliExpress hair vendors are all with quick communication, fast shipping and NEVER ask you to pay offline. Please use the AliExpress escrow option always! Using AliExpress Escrow means that your money will be held in escrow until you receive and confirm that you’ve received your hair and satisfying with it. Once AliExpress receives confirmation from you, they’ll release the money so the hair vendor can be paid.
  4. If you want to share your AliExpress hair shopping experiences especially bad ones with other girls, you’d better explain the details along with pictures since I found some hair vendors are slandering their competitors recently through commenting. (To all AliExpress hair vendors: Please FOLLOW the good business rules consciously.)

Do you know an AliExpress hair company that deserves to be on this list? Leave us a comment.

We keep updating the lists every month. Please save it to your bookmarks so you can get the latest update once there is!












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