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There are so many advantages of coloring your hair! Trying a new shade or revitalizing natural tones can make you look and feel totally different! Hair color is almost like magic in a box, tube, or bottle!
There are also a few caveats though so be sure you are ready to make that leap and commitment. For the best results, consider all of your hair hair coloring mistakes 2018 color options before taking action.

Women have been coloring their hair since Cleopatra ruled Egypt. (Between 51 BC and 30 BC.) Egyptian royalty dyed their hair using simple henna leaves.

However, even 50 years ago, there wasn’t a big variety to choose from and the colors that were available, were very basic and one dimensional. Most of the time, you’d buy what was available on the drug store shelves and hope you’d selected a good color.

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Nowadays, that’s all changed! There is a huge variety of colors to choose from in a wide selection of brands! This is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to change things up!

However, sometimes it’s also a deterrent. When there are more products to choose from, it can get confusing fast. That’s why it’s always beneficial to do your homework first, before you ever start coloring your hair! Because of the wide assortment, you can also make a huge mess if you select the wrong color or if you aren’t aware of how hair colors affect your hair.

Since there are many types of hair color, you’ll need to discriminate which type of color will suit your lifestyle the best. Many women opt for permanent color and then just do root touch ups on new hair growth. Other women use semi or demi permanent colors to refresh their own colors or because they don’t want a permanent change. It’s really all up to you!

Tips for Coloring Your Hair

  • Start out slow. If you want to change your hair color, try a that closely resembles your natural hair color first. Once you get used to using color, you’ll feel more confident making bolder color changes later.
  • It’s far easier and less time consuming to get your color right the first time than it is to try and fix color mistakes. Research new products or new colors you'd like to try before you slap them on your hair. You can avoid so many hair problems just by doing a little reading!
  • NEVER apply color from roots to ends every time you have new growth. This is called 'overlapping' and it's taboo! Coloring over hair that’s previously been colored changes the color and can make or.
  • ALWAYS apply color to roots only when you have new hair growth. You can refresh your color from time to time by using the soap cap method or by using semi permanent colors occasionally.
  • Keep your hair color from fading faster by using products that are especially made for.
  • Shampoos without the chemicals, (like sulfides), help hair color last longer! A good product to use is Loreal Everpure, which is free of that can strip the color right out of your hair!
  • If you’re coloring your hair at home, make sure that your bathroom (or whatever room you’re using) is properly ventilated. Hair color is a fairly strong product so you’ll need plenty of fresh air in the room to circulate and keep things safe.
  • Don’t rely on the pictures you see on boxed colors. Your present hair color, the level of the hair color you choose, the base of the color, and the peroxide volume, all make a huge difference in the way your hair color will turn out.
  • Off brands may seem like a good buy but its far safer to stick to name brand companies you know and trust. When it comes to hair color, you’ll always pay a bigger price later on for making hair color brand mistakes.
  • Products that strip color are very strong, just like bleach. Don’t think you can use them indefinitely without damaging your hair or making your hair weak. Make hair color selections carefully so you use them less often!
    Note: - Hair color removers can only remove applied hair color. They are not formulated to remove natural hair colors.
  • If you’re coloring your hair from an extremely dark hair shade to a very light shade, you will need to: 1) first, then apply toner, or 2) apply color incrementally to lift your hair to the desired color.
  • Alternately, if you’re coloring your hair a dark color and have very light hair color, choose a color that’s one level up (lighter) from the desired color. Why? Because blonde hair is very thirsty and porous so it will absorb and hold any color that you apply to your hair. Dark colors also have very dense color molecules, which means there will be full saturation. If the color’s not dark enough, its easy to color your hair again. If the color’s too dark, you have to either 1) wait and cross your fingers that the color will fade, or 2) remove the color from your hair and start over.
  • Before coloring your hair, check your. You can amend porous hair by using a few deep conditioning treatments before you color.
  • If you want lush, dark colors, use 10 volume peroxide only.
  • If your blonde hair has faded and has lost it’s pizzazz, use a toner or semi permanent color to add color back. Golden blonde colors are multi-tonal and multi-dimensional!
  • Red and/or burgundy colors are much harder to remove from your hair than other colors but they’re always the fastest to fade too.
  • Hair color is perfectly safe to use if you’re pregnant (normal pregnancy with no physical problems) but always make sure that the room is properly ventilated and that someone knows what you’re doing in case you run into problems. You might also check with your doctor if you have any reservations. When you’re coloring your hair and pregnant, its always better to heir on the side of caution!
  • Semi permanent colors typically last around 30 days. Demi permanent colors act more like permanent hair colors and can last a very long time. Before coloring your hair, research the products you’d like to try.
  • It is NEVER safe for children to color their own hair!
  • Professional hair colorists can help you decide on the best colors for and complexion. However, get advice from family and friends on which salons and/or stylists have the best reputations where you live. Going to the wrong hairdresser can be as disastrous as coloring your hair without knowing what you're doing.
  • Hair is colored. Fabric is dyed. Use the right terminology!
    dark brown hair color image

    Dark Brown Hair Color

    Bright Red Hair Color image

    Bright Red Hair Color

    Advantages of Coloring Your Hair

  • If you have baby fine hair, color can be a blessing in disguise! Any hair color adds a coating to your hair, which actually improves and thickens the. That means you will have more volume!
  • Hair color protects your hair from environmental hazards such as pollution, wind, excessive heat from the sun, and cold temperatures in the winter.
  • You can express and show off your personality by trying different colors. (self expression - Katy Perry, rebellion - Lady Gaga.)
  • Gray hair doesn’t have to show your age! Coloring your hair helps turn back time in so many ways! Its one of the fastest ways to anti aging that's known! Hair color can make you look younger by helping you hide and get rid of!
    Sometimes gray hair is resistant to color so it’s good to use professional brands that advertise 'for gray hair'.
  • Coloring your hair doesn’t cost that much if you use professional colors and 'mix your own colors' at home. Professional colors (purchased at Beauty Supply Stores) are much more dependable and cheaper than boxed colors! Find out more about home hair color.
  • You can buy hair color in just about every shade of the rainbow, in every country and on every continent, at any moment.
  • If you have brown hair but want to try blonde hair, opt for blonde highlights first. If you like the way they look, then you might consider coloring your hair blonde for a change! Plus you'll find out if blondes really do have more fun!
  • If you’re stuck in a hair rut, add highlights, and/or lowlights to contrast and compliment your natural hair color or try a semi permanent hair color for short term benefits.
  • Hair color can improve your self image. If you feel like a wallflower, refreshing your color can revitalize your style.
  • If you like, try hair color again! Color helps refract more light so it adds dimensions to your hair and helps reflect colors, which adds more shine!
  • Hair color glazes and semi permanent hair colors can enhance your natural hair color without changing it. These colors are typically temporary, lasting only 30 days or so.
  • Anytime you add color to your hair, you add strength coloring to it. Colors put a coating on your hair that help make it stronger. If you have weak hair or slightly damaged hair, a semi permanent color can help build up your hair strength.
  • Choosing the right can take you from dull and drab to fantastic and fabulous!
  • Color can also help tame by and adding more weight to your hair... which really helps keep your hair smooth and tame.
  • If you don’t want to change your hair color completely, adding highlights is a great option. Highlights strategically placed can make your hair look shinier and brighten up your eyes and complexion. That’s a huge bonus when you color your hair!
  • On the other hand, lowlights can add dimension to hair and give it an illusion of being thicker than it really is. They also enhance washed out colors that have faded and look lifeless.
    Besides all the benefits of hair color, trying new colors or experimenting can be fun and adventurous! Changing the shade of your brown hair or trying a new color altogether can be as life changing as. It changes things up so you can be incognito for a while and you can look and feel like a totally new person!
    Multi-dimensional Highlights image

    Multi-dimensional Highlights

    high contrast highlights image

    High Contrast Highlights

    Disadvantages of Coloring Your Hair

    There just aren’t too many disadvantages of coloring your own hair but there are a few things to think about.
  • If you ever decide to go back to natural, whatever color that may be, you have two options. You can wait it out and grow your hair out without intervention or you can use a hair color remover to pull the color from your hair. After you remove color from your hair, you’ll need to apply color one last time in your natural shade. Of course, if your hair is now gray, that’s a horse of a different color.
    There are a few gray/silver hair color’s on the market but for the best results, they must be applied to light blonde hair. Therefore, you would need to remove color first, then lift your hair using bleach to a very light blonde. Then apply a gray color. Light Drabber by Wella works well but an ash toner might just do the trick too.
  • When you color your hair a different color than your natural shade, you'll need to color your roots about once a month. That can get a bit pricey if you’re on a super tight budget. Of course, you can always save money by mixing your own colors and getting away from boxed colors, which can be totally undependable anyway.
  • There is a slight chance that you may be allergic to or develop allergies to the chemicals in hair color. For that reason, its always good to do a patch test first, before you ever use any color.
    Patch Test
    Mix a small amount of hair color and apply a small amount of the mixture to inside your forearm. Leave it for at least 10 minutes. If the skin remains unchanged, it is safe to use color.
    However, if your arm starts itching or becomes red and inflamed, get the color off your skin immediately and rinse with cool water. Apply cortisone cream to the area to de-flame the skin. This kind of reaction means you are allergic to hair color and should not use it.
  • Because there is such a wide variety of colors to choose from, it can seem intimidating. To be safe, when you first start coloring your own hair, choose colors that are close to your natural shade. That always ensures results that make you smile!
    Coloring your hair shouldn't scare you but it can seem a little overwhelming at times. The key is to take baby steps. For example, if you want to change the color of your hair and add highlights, take one step at a time. Get your color right first, then worry about the highlights. Trying to change both too quickly may cause you’ll wish you hadn’t made!

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