Gold sparkly mermaid prom dress 2018

Alright I've received my packaging on Tuesday and been wearing this 5 days straight. As a perfume junkie addict, experiencing with women's perfume is not a new thing for me.

Okay let's start with the packaging, it's true. It looks kinda tacky, maybe probably it's because of the lace ribbons something that reminds me of Victoria's Secret perfume the Noir tease. But overall I think it's really fun and stands out from the rest perfume bottle in my collection.

The bottle protection is really awesome though, the thick glass at the bottom play its role well. I accidentally drop this in my bathroom floor (Tiles, hard & stiff bathroom floor). I was really freaked out but when I checked there's no crack at all, only the sprayer trigger were pulled off though. But when I put it back on and sprayed, it all back to normal. Thank God for that.

About the scent, when I checked the top notes mentioning wild berries. I thought I would love it but it turns into different direction. The top note isn't really my favorite, I don't like it but that doesn't i mean I hate it simply because, it's bearable and only stayed for short period. So yeah, that didn't stop me to wait till the heart notes arrive.

The heart notes? Oh my god. I bet most of you have watched the Gucci Flora ads. The model is Abbey lee Kershaw, the part when she close her eyes and the strong wind blow her face and she got that euphoria sensation feeling. That's the effect this perfume gave me.

The heart notes supported by the base notes is something to die for. It's smells really juicy sweet at the same time kinda fresh either. The honeysuckle lend its sweet freshness then prom added more delish sweetness by the caramel. The smooth creaminess from the sandalwood & the powderiness of course the vanilla & amber.

What I love about Gold Couture is the flexibility. Before I sniff this I thought it would smells sticky sweet, loud and overpowering and you probably have to pick the right timing to wear it. But actually it's not, it's the opposite to what I expect. It's true it smells sweet but it has that elegant & sophistication touch that you can easily wear this to formal event or to office. The sillage is average but the lasting power is good, so the scent lingers around you but radiates gracefully & polite. So you don't have to worry people around you get irritated. Plus, it gives you the freedom to wear it anytime you love.

The first day I wear it, I got 3 compliments from my office mate and please help me, I can't stop myself spraying this non stop. On the 2nd day I wear this and i knew I got addicted to it that I spray it non stop on me whenever I get the chance.

The sillage never gone crazy, only the lasting power got extended. Actually even if you spray this moderately, the lasting power is still impressive. That's what made me fall in love with this perfume even more, thats the beauty of it.

I'm going to mark this perfume as another great history in my perfume journey. Because I made judgement on this perfume, not even giving it a chance to sniff. I made a mistake and Gold Couture bless me with a very valuable lesson. Never judge a perfume before trying it & never give impression before the perfume tested reach it last stage of base notes.

Viva La Juicy Gold Couture gets a love from me. For those who still in back and forth decision with this, hope my review helps.


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