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Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

PELHAM MANOR, NY and YONKERS, NY — April 6, 2018 —  A Yonkers Office of Emergency Management (OEM) was spotted earlier this week in the parking lot of two Pelham Manor malls. The vehicle pictured herein was parked and unoccupied because the driver was engaged in shopping for approximately 20 minutes in the store at one shopping mall and for another 15 minutes at the situated in the shopping mall opposite the first. 

Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

Perhaps the Modell’s in Yonkers does not carry the same inventory of items as can be found in Pelham Manor. Thank goodness the Pelham Manor store carries a larger and more varied inventory of Items that best serve Yonkersites. If not for the Pelham Manor store, what would Yonkersites do? Yonkers Tribune is thankful an astute Yonkers employee has learned of the benefits of shopping in Pelham Manor. 

Yonkers OEM Truck parked at Pelham Manor, NY mall.

It is also good to know that Yonkers OEM is so well managed that it allows for employees to shop in Pelham Manor during the daytime hours and with a Yonkers OEM vehicle to boot.


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Here are some stills from the video of the OEM shopping spree. He went to for close to twenty minutes, then the for 10 additional minutes, then concluded the shopping spree off at Modell’s. Some may conjectures he is a volunteer for the Yonkers Animal Shelter, and was simply picking up supplies. It is nice to see he is showing the flag by wearing his Yonkers raid jacket!


A special thank you to the forthright, astute, and aware individuals that allow us the means by which to divulge and expose these trespasses. 


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