Decorating the hallway 2018

Hello! Each Wednesday I share some of the photos that stopped me in my scroll while I was perusing  the previous week. Here are this week’s picks!


1. @FinishingTouchDecorByJenny

Is that the sweetest little dish rack area or what? Jenny said it came from. I’ve always been a fan of that wall light too. Here’s a link if you want a closer look:. Another thing that caught my eye was that her walls are brick and beadboard. Two of my favorite wall treatments! And what’s really great is that they both come in panel form at most home improvement stores.

Here’s a link to a FANTASTIC faux brick wall tutorial (using panels) at the :

And here’s link to awesome beadboard panel tutorial too:

2. :

This feed didn’t list a first name or link to a blog, but I loved the bio: “Turning our 18th century cottage into a home. Renovation. Home decor. Cats.” 🙂 Sounds like my kind of human! I like the idea of injecting enthusiasm into a space where it might not be expected. The kitchen is always so hardworking and filled with so many appliances…it deserves to “dance” a bit too!

3. –

I know what you’re thinking. Where did she get that runner? Her Instagram post said it would be available in her home collection this Fall. You know I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that! 😀 Click here to swing by her inspiring website: 

4. –

If you’re on the hunt for hand-drawn, traditionally printed wallpaper & fabric you might want to check out artist Belynda Sharples. She created the gorgeous paper in the photo above and you can find her website here:

I love that pattern in black and white too:

And, yes, I immediately sent that photo to my friend. Did you see her sweet Grace had a baby lamb last week? 😀


Here’s a link to Jackie’s super fun blog:

That’s a photo of the exterior of her gorgeous home. You’ll have to click through to see how they transformed it from before to after!


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