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I’m a professional graphic designer and illustrator as well as traditional fine artist.
It all started as a child because I was always drawing, sketching or doodling throughout the day. I would skip right through dinner and occasionally homework because I was so connected to my pencil (Crayons, markers, pens or whatever was available) and paper. That was my thing and I absolutely loved it! I was fascinated with comic book heroes and dinosaurs so they served as inspiration for many of my childhood drawings. Today, I work in mediums of digital/vector, Photoshop, watercolor, pen & ink, pencil & charcoal and acrylic.

Born and raised in Auburn, AL, I earned my BFA in Visual Communications from Auburn University in 1996. My 18 years of experience and lifelong passion for arts continues to drive me each and every day. I love my craft and practice it with respect and dignity, and I hope that reflects in every project I do, be it professionally, personally or pro bono.

I currently reside in Augusta, GA, which has been my home of 16 years now. I love to call Augusta home because I’ve developed a wonderful network of colleagues and friends, all which help keep me balanced and grounded. Though I love my hometown of Auburn, moving away to Augusta was one of the best decisions I made early in my career. It allowed me to really grow as a person and meet some fabulous people and organizations along the way.

I worked for myself as a freelance designer and illustrator for 4.5 years (March 2009 to September 2013) via my company, Marshall Arts ( Having my own company was a personal goal of mine that I worked very hard to achieve. Though I don’t operate on a full-time basis anymore, I still continue to do freelance work in my personal time.

And, I love to search and find design contests that I can enter during those rare moments when I’m not at work, not freelancing, and not doing personal artwork. A friend and colleague of mine told me about the Cooper River Bridge Run Poster Contest and he recommended that I participate. This was a very fun project to work on and I’m so honored to be a part of the tradition. I feel very grateful and always humbled when it comes to receiving awards and recognitions. With that said, thank you very much to the entire community of Charleston, SC in regards to the Cooper River Bridge 10K Run and everyone that voted for my winning design.

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