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Are you planning on color wearing your hair down for your wedding with a veil? Here’s how to get the look. Wearing hair down with a veil is a carefree and natural bridal look, suitable in a church, outdoors, or at a. For an extra fun touch try wearing a .

There are two ways to secure the veil with a hair down bridal hairstyle. Use bobby pins to support the comb if you have or are going to remove the veil off after the ceremony or for the reception. If you’re going to wear the veil for all of your special day, use the pin curl method to keep even the longest veil in place.  Check out these pictures of veils with  for inspiration and details.

This gorgeous long train is romantic and playful with wavy hair worn down. To stay in place, the comb needs an anchor. If you’re getting your hair professionally styled, be sure to let them know about your bridal accessory and they will know what to do. If you’re doing it yourself, create two flat pin curls where the veil will be. Then you can slip the comb underneath them, remembering that copper red hair color dye 2018 the teeth will be facing away from your face.

To create a pin curl, take a pencil width segment of hair and place your index finger over the end of the hair. Wind the hair of your finger until you reach your head and place the coil flat against your scalp. Secure the pin curl with two bobby pins crossed over in an X. Two pin curls will be required to secure the veil so they need to just off the center of your head. Slip the teeth of the comb underneath the pin curls and you’re ready to get married!

When selecting a, you’ll notice that many are sewn onto clear plastic combs while higher quality veils use metal combs. The metal comb is a must if you have fine hair, are going to wear the veil for a long time, or have opted for a waltz to cathedral length veil. The metal combs are slimmer and also grip hair better so they are better concealed and grip fine hair better. The flexible metal can be bent to the curve of your head, for a more secure and comfortable hold on long trains.

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