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Stacy’s New Boyfriend
by Nicholas Fellheimer

Sexy, pregnant little Mommy Angie simply wasn't prepared to deal with boyfriend-issues regarding her eldest: darling Stacy, the apple of her handsome daddy’s sparkling eye, just-turned-eleven, a stunning blonde rich-bitch ice princess dolled-up in pink bows, pretty as a picture and twice as cold.

Lots of things were strange while Angie’s strapping hubby was on the road, getting an early start on a summer full of executive-level corporate decisions made in tropical locales; unfortunately, Angie had quite a submissive streak.

Thus, when cutie-pie, button-nosed, blushing baby Stacy brought a big black boyfriend home from school and the two went off to her bedroom to do homework together, Angie was at a total loss.

There was no rule covering that.

It seemed that petite, precocious blonde Stacy assumed the two of them could go into her bedroom, shut the door and turn on slow R&B music if they damn well felt like it ... and when Mommy Angie didn’t say shit, it looked like her lovely little eldest daughter was goddamn right.

The seven-year-old twins, Laura and Leila -- Stacy’s adorable little sisters -- thought that was pretty fucking cool. They and Angie got a fine earful of good, hard fucking that afternoon: what that man did to the girl was beyond lewd, beating and raping an itty-bitty preteen virgin half to death.

The twins also got to watch their sexy mommy masturbate from close up, Angie’s forehead pressed against Stacy’s pale, pink-painted bedroom door, her thong panties around her ankles and both hands working fast at the very hot, very slippery twenty-four year old pussy underneath a big, eight-months-pregnant belly. She fucked herself in time with her daughter’s bestial and inhuman rape, stuffing her greedy holes with eager, probing fingers as the big man in her daughter’s bedroom performed the most violent and unspeakable of acts imaginable to an innocent little girl, whipping her raw and then violently sodomizing the slim, curvaceous child over and over.

After she got her first hard cum, which brought her to shaking knees, Angie got some wits about her and quietly sent the twins to their room.

Unfortunately, Laura & Leila’s room was right across the hall, and they didn’t shut their door ... so they got to watch their sexy young mommy masturbate her sloppy cunt to squirting, heaving orgasm several more times as their big sister took a monster of a screwing. Stacy’s new boyfriend -- Leroy -- fucked that tiny blonde for hours, stopping only twice to get himself a beer, some duct tape and a magic marker.

To compound matters, the big bastard screwing her little girl was SO damn big: a high-school senior, a football player, built like an African war-god, six-foot-seven and heavily muscled from his bull-neck down to his thick nigger thighs. Walking naked through the house, his slick cock looked like a gleaming cudgel, swinging between his powerful running-back legs; he gave a bare-assed and very embarrassed Angie only a cursory nod, glancing down at her as if she were one of the help.

He stopped and flexed for the twins, making them giggle when he slapped their masturbating mommy with the head of his cock without using his hands. At his insistence, they both stripped naked and showed him their immature pussies and pucked pink rosebud-assholes.

The ripped, beautiful bastard had a cock like one of their forearms.

Sweet baby Stacy, meanwhile, was a tiny 5th-grade ballerina and Junior Miss pageant princess, still a little blonde girl that a VERY generous puberty was turning into a sexy little Playboy Bunny. She looked like a miniature version of Pamela Anderson in a bikini -- complete with tremendous, perky tits like her Mommy -- but she still wasn’t quite five foot tall and was all of 98 pounds soaking wet.

By the end, Angie just sat on the floor outside of her daughter’s open bedroom door, playing with her drooling, gaped-open pussy with both hands, a foot-long cucumber jammed up her ass: a degrading, humiliating and much-appreciated gift that Leroy brought back from his second trip to the kitchen.

That big bastard fucked her little girl in every hole, raping baby Stacy’s preteen asshole until she couldn’t walk before jamming his big black cock up her virgin, unprotected and very fertile pussy to pump her full of his hot, potent seed. He beat her with his belt, slapped her, called her a worthless child-whore, made her promise to suck off dogs, made her promise to fuck every one her teachers, ordered her to spend recess getting ass-fucked in the boy's locker-door with her head in a toilet, made her beg him to get her pregnant, and finally he let her drink his piss, choking her out as he let loose a torrent of hot, acrid urine.

Long after dark, nearing ten at night, Leroy walked out of the house with a swagger, leaving Mommy Angie to untie her cum-leaking, semi-conscious darling from the bed, make her a late dinner (cumber salad) and give her a bath to wash all the piss, cum -- and some of the obscene graffiti -- off her smooth, bruised, belt-lashed lily-white skin.

He grabbed another beer as he left, and let both of the curious twins lick the head of his slimy cock in parting.

Leroy also left little Stacy gagged -- with her tiny ankles bound to her wrists, both firmly strapped above her head and taped to the headboard -- with cum bubbling out around the magic marker jammed up her itty-bitty shit-pipe and a strip of tape holding his potent seed inside her leaky baby-cunt.

The tape, scrawled with magic marker, simply said: ‘do not remove’.

Ever obedient, Mommy Angie left it in place.

The next morning at breakfast, bouncing and cheerful little Stacy almost sloshed as thick nigger-cum dribbled around the edges of the peeling strip of tape holding her oozing pussy closed. Ropy rivulets of gooey cum stained the back of her sundress -- worn without panties, Leroy's orders -- and made her thin, coltish thighs glisten as it dripped from her, leaving puddles of runny fuck wherever she sat. Mommy Angie remained silent.

Both of the twins were eager to have boyfriends, now.

That afternoon, Leroy was back with Stacy after school; this time, he brought two friends. They didn't even make it to Stacy's bedroom. A trio of big blacks fucked Stacy senseless in the front hall: pounding her lithe frame as she contorted, twisting and exposing herself for them in the most vulgar poses until she lost consciousness, choked out on a thick slab of cock-meat. After that, they spent hours raping her limp, bound body -- slowly fluttering in and out of consciousness with the beatings -- while the rest of the family watched in shocked, aroused awe.

Mommy Angie found that she couldn’t help herself; while she masturbated, she let the naked twins sneak close enough that their noses got wet from her crude manipulations of overheating pussy-flesh. By the end, she had a tiny blonde twin fisting each of her slippery nether-holes, cumming in wave after wave as a black stranger pissed across her milky tits and down her belly.

The men stayed until almost midnight, and each had their way with the twins, as well: Angie got each man slick with her sucking mouth, getting them ready to rape the vulnerable assholes and pussies of her little girls.

Again, the men left little Stacy splayed open like a frog ready for dissection, cum dribbling out of every ravaged hole, covered in piss and bruises and graffiti. Her savaged cunt was sealed again: this time, Leroy jammed an empty beer-bottle -- base-first -- into her abused vagina, stuffing her expertly before taping her up.

In the morning, the neck of the bottle jutted obscenely from beneath the short white tennis-skirt Stacy wore, dripping cum like a long cock. Angie was shocked ... but her pretty preteen daugher was giddy with excitement -- black eye and all, with DOGGIE WHORE emblazoned proudy on her chest -- eager to suck off the bus-driver on the way to school

That afternoon, a dozen men arrived with cameras and dogs.

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