Anime hairstyles in real life 2018

One of the biggest influencers seen on the streets is Anime. There has recently been a huge surge in anime hairstyles for boys & men.

It may seem surprising to some, but converting the styles seen in cartoons to something seen on the streets is not as difficult as it might seem. There are some common characteristics that must be acquired in order to reproduce such looks.


Top 10 Anime Hairstyles for Men

Anime hairstyle has reached a new level in recent time. Once it was only about the Japanese people, but the blessing of the internet has successfully introduced the anime characters to the whole world. And guess what? These characters have become immensely popular to both men and boys. Some people are so obsessed with anime that they want to get a haircut resembling their favorite anime characters. Here are our top picks from the realm of anime hairstyles for men and boys.


#1. Ushio from Ushio and Tora

This hairstyle is especially for the teenagers who are still schoolboys. The hair is of medium length and no fancy design has been done except a bit of spike.


#2. Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin Himura is the childhood hero to millions of kids like me. His appearance on the skin thrilled me when I used to be a child. One can try this hair to get the best of anime hairstyle.


#3. Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu

Another hairstyle for the cool boys. If you want to adorn your hair with a bit of styling gel to get a messy yet beautiful look.


#4. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

You must have heard Vegeta’s name if you are a real fan of anime cartoons and movie series. Vegeta is a famous character from Dragon Ball Z and his hairstyle will easily top the list of anime hairstyles.


#5. Gou Koga from Bleach

Gou Koga has a great hairstyle associated with a stylish beard. The Mohawk and colorful hair look awesome with his angry look.


#6. Mr. Satan from the Dragon Ball Series

This afro hairstyle suits Mr. Satan more than any other hairstyle. The hairstyle looks so good on him as if it was made for him. You can have this style if you love antagonist characters.


#7. Saitama from One Punch Man

Don’t get disheartened if you have less hair or already you are bald. This anime character is bald and still so popular. You can try this bald style if that complements your look and personality.


#8. Android 16 from DBZ

Android 16 is more famous for his muscle and strength. But you can’t deny the distinct hairstyle he has. He has an undercut having some voluminous hair at the top. This could be a great way to get anime haircut.


#9. Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu

If you have long hair and like to get a lower bun on the back of the head, try this one. All the hair is combed back and tied together to make a bun.


#10. Decim from Death Parade

If you want to get both an emo hairstyle and anime hairstyle together, look at this one featuring Decim from Death Parade. He is obviously an anime character but the attitude and style go with the emo trend.


Other Anime Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for 2018

Most anime inspired hairstyles are medium to long in length. Haircuts are done with razors to produce choppy, uneven layers. Many use flat irons to straighten the hair after it has been layered. They then apply pomade or gel to the layers’ ends if they want to create the seen on many action heroes in anime.

Photo of choppy anime hairstyle.
Choppy anime hairstyle with bangs.

Almost all characters in these animated productions have some sort of bangs or fringe. It is quite common to see hair covering a portion of the face. This creates a slightly more rebellious look and adds a dimension of mystery to the characters and to those copying their styles.

Picture of spiky anime hairstyle.
Spiky anime hairstyle.

Adding volume to the hair is another characteristic that is emulated by real hairstyles based on those seen in animated features. Big hair is produced by blow drying, especially with the head turned upside down. This makes the hair puffy and helps it stand up from the head. Teasing the hair is another method used to add volume and create exaggerated styles as seen on some characters.

Image of black and red cartoon hairstyle.
Black and red hairstyle.

One of the final features that is modified in order to create these styles is the color of the hair. Most anime characters feature bold, bright colors of hair. This has become such a common feature that many hair dyes marketed in Japan feature depictions of specific characters on the box in place of photos of live models.

Picture of Goku Super Saiyan hairstyle.
Goku Super Saiyan hairstyle.

Bright blue, Red, and platinum blonde are often used to create streaks in the hair. If it is not streaked, it might be completely dyed in a bright color or highlighted using unusual combinations of colors. One example of this would be bright blonde with red highlights like those seen on Goku when in his Super Saiyan mode.

Photo of anime guy with spiky hair.
Anime guy with spiky hair.

Most anime inspired hairstyles feature spikes. These spikes may stand straight up or point off to the sides. Some even stand out from the back of the head like a series of spines. There are few rules governing the use of spikes in these styles. They can be small and pointed like porcupine quills or full and heavy at the base coming to a point at the ends.

Most of the more drastically spiked anime hairstyles require prodigious amounts of gel to hold the spikes in place. Some, however, can be created using wax or pomade to provide a softer, more touchable hold. This is preferred when possible.


Anime Hairstyle Pictures

Fictional characters have long been the inspiration for different hairstyles and other fashions. Japanese anime hairstyles for boys & men are becoming more and more popular among the more hip members of the street culture. Translating these cartoon styles into real life is not as difficult as many might think. It simply requires one to accept certain features and plan to use a lot of product to hold the hair in place. Cutting the hair in choppy, uneven layers, leaving long bangs, blow drying or teasing the hair to add volume, and color are all aspects of creating these styles.

Photo of anime hairstyle from Vegeta.
Vegeta hairstyle.

To get the Vegeta look, use a comb and a hair gel with a very very strong hold and style it like the man himself.Picture of Zero Kiryu hairstyle for guys.

Zero Kiryu hairstyle.

Another spiky and silky favorite that has received much fame. More due to the character who is donning it.

Vash The Stampede hairstyle picture.
Vash The Stampede hairstyle.

Again a spiked-spike. Pretty hard one to do. But, Worth it.

Photo of Tomoya Okazaki hairstyle.
Tomoya Okazaki hairstyle.

For this one, you will need a styling gel for the spikes in front but, a lot of conditioner for the shine.

Syaoran hairstyle photo.
Syaoran hairstyle.

Spike <strong>anime hairstyles in real life 2018</strong> Spiegel hairstyle photo.
Spike Spiegel hairstyle.

Sora hairstyle image.
Sora hairstyle.

Photo of Shikamaru hairstyle.
Shikamaru hairstyle.

Again another ponytail this time from Shikamaru, an extended one but, here you will need a strong gel that will hold up your ponytail like Shikamaru.

Photo of Naruto hairstyle.
Naruto hairstyle.

Picture of Maes Hughes hairstyle.
Maes Hughes hairstyle.

Photo of Light Yagami hairstyle.
Light Yagami hairstyle.

Image of Light Yagami and Zac Efron hairstyle.
Light Yagami and Zac Efron hairstyle.

Picture of Lelouch Lamperouge hairstyle.
Lelouch Lamperouge hairstyle.

Pic of Ichigo Kurosaki hairstyle.
Ichigo Kurosaki hairstyle.

Image of Himura Kenshin hairstyle.
Himura Kenshin hairstyle.

Photo of Goku hairstyle.
Goku hairstyle.

Photo of Edward Elric hairstyle.
Edward Elric hairstyle.

The Edward Elric ponytail has taken a lot of attention in the hairstyle world.

Image of Aizen Sousuke hairstyle.
Aizen Sousuke hairstyle.

Image of Kenshiro hairstyle.
Kenshiro hairstyle.

Photo of Cloud Strife hairstyle.
Cloud Strife hairstyle.

Photo of Angeal Hewley hairstyle.
Angeal Hewley hairstyle.


Anime hairstyle is no more confined to the TV Screen only. Real people are having it with great interest. Why waiting? Grab your style if you are an anime fan.


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