3 door wardrobe designs catalogue 2018

Lot_no Description 1 2 x red fibreboard travel trunks with metal banding and handles 2 Victorian cedar dressing table with mirror 3 2 x Framed BRIAN MCGUFFIE ink and wash drawings, including 'The Old Dairy at Bruthen Victoria', etc 4 1950's tall Upright KITCHEN Cupboard - Contrasting panels to door, some mesh airers to sides, approx 2 meters tall 5 Framed 1990's Balinese Oil Painting - LADY with Vase of Flowers - Signed & dated lower left but illegible - 56x47cm 5.1 Small group lot incl Italian ceramic table lamp, Robur style teapot, etc 5.2 Modern Enamelled steel Black and white The Bulletin Magazine sign 6 Gilt framed JENNY K PHILLIPS Signed Print - PEARS & STONE FRUITS - Signed & Numbered 23500 7 Vintage Portable Pearl river bellows organ with original seat 8 Group of vintage rulers including Four and Twenty pies 9 Small lot - Vintage EPNS Serviette Rings, pair Pokerwork napkin rings w Hpainted Flamingos, etc 10 2 x vintage Corkscrews - including Horn handled missing brush 11 Group lot assorted postcards - c1960's incl Switzerland, Berlin, Barcelona, Port Said, etc 12 Box lot incl Costume jewellery, boxed Avon jewellery, boxed kitsch metal Australian novelty souvenir salt & pepper shakers, boxed set of splated serv 13 Small lot - Retro & Retro Style items - Fab Drinks Tray (broken handle), as new EAMES style Coat Rack w Coloured Ball Knobs, Pair Signed JOYAS Design 14 Large Gilt framed SHEILA WHITTAN Pastel - After The Bath - signed Lower right, 97 x 65cm 15 Group of Cds including Nirvarna, The Clash, Metallica, Daft Punk etc 16 2 x items incl enamel cookware and wooden lidded box with brass hardware 17 Group of Decorator items including lamp faux flowers, board games and books etc 18 2 x Framed Unsigned Oil Paintings - PUCK & Boats at Rest 19 Group lot football jumpers incl Signed AFL Port Adelaide 'Power' football jumper - Warren Tredrea, 16, Brisbane Lions and VSFL 20 4 x Vintage Mens 197080's 2 Piece Suits - Mainly Light Coloured Check print Grey, Brown & Maroon Double Breasted - Medium sizes 20.1 Group lot retro vintage men's short sleeved summer shirts all with originaql labels incl Hawaiian 21 5 x Vintage Mens BLAZERS Sports Coats - Fab 70's Designs & Colours, 1930's Gangster Pinstripe, etc 22 3 x Boxes - Vintage China, Epns, Glassware, Crystal, Pottery etc 23 3x item - Technics SL-Q200 Automatic turntable and Technics cd player and Sony Walkman 24 2 x Boxes of lamps and lighting 25 Group lot of Aboriginal paintings and prints including EDWARD BLITNER, etc 26 Large Stretched Victorian style Chromolithograph - SLEEPING BEAUTIES - Large Ink stamp verso, 'Copyright Picture', lots of damage sighted 27 3 x Framed Paintings - TARLEE Train Station by Ray Hoffmann, etc 28 Group lot assorted ladies scarves incl cashmere, silk, etc 29 Box lot 'As New' Fowlers preserving accessories incl Lids, Thermometer, Wax, etc 30 Group lot incl Plasterware lady lamp with ribbon shade and 2 x ashtrays 31 Group with tea boxes,, steam iron etc 32 Large Group lot - Framed Pictures - Paintings, Prints, Melbourne Photographs, etc 33 4 x Boxes of Cds including The Specials, John Lennon, U2, Cat Stevens Michael Jackson etc 34 2 x pieces incl leadlight window, etc 35 Box of general kitchenware, glassware bowls cups etc 36 Unframed c1900 European School Oil on Canvas - The TABLETOP, CORNFLOWERS - Signed lower right but illegible - some damage sighted - 55x85cm 37 Box lot vintage radio restoration parts 'New Old Stock' Capacitors, Resistors, wax caps and other assorted parts 38 Group incl cast aluminium outdoor chair Esky, pram and planters 39 Group lot incl glassware, soda syphon, cds, etc 40 Box of hand tools including Stanley motorists screwdriver set, spokeshave, Hatchett etc 41 Box of Cds and LP records Various styles and artists 42 Box of china including Italian, Pretty English bone china and Australian pottery Diana Nefertiti tea pot 43 2 x Boxes of CDs including Bob Dylan, Prefab Sprout, Kate Cebrano etc 44 Large group lot mostly outdoor hardware incl gardening, irrigation, lighting, etc 45 Group lot incl 2 x vintage style female mannequins with stands and 3 x stretch canvas prints 46 Box of LP records including The Godfather soundtrack etc 47 Box of bottles including Goldfields black glass 48 Box of 1960s - 1990s Fashion and modelling magazines including Honey, 17 Vogue etc 49 2 x boxes mixed items incl Sterling Silver bud vase, photo frames, lighting, pretty china, nursery ware, etc 50 2 x boxes assorted vintage and other lighting incl ceiling shades, lamps, etc 51 Large 1970s laminated timber glory box chest 52 Victorian Cedar Wardrobe - Drawer to lower & w Lift off Pelmet 53 Group lot assorted vintage suitcases - various sizes incl red vinyl, masonic, etc 54 Box lot - 'How to do' Magazines 55 Group lot incl Oregon bench top, turned catalogue pole, bicycle car rack, etc 56 Group lot incl assorted vintage spindle back dining chairs, oval framed mirror, tribal carving, ceramic lamp base, etc plus dressing table mirror (Som 57 Large group lot incl ladder, violin, pictures, wooden garden planters, brassware, etc 58 Large group lot incl lighting, audio, etc 59 Box lot assorted John Denver records, cds, dvds and programmes, etc plus various other cds and books 60 Aquarium with accessories including deep sea diver 61 Box lot mixed items incl Ron Barassi's Football Clinic book, key rings, badges, etc 62 Group lot incl vintage Peek Frean biscuit tin, metal baskets and leather satchel 63 3 x child's nursery items inc, framed Noah's Ark embroidery, musical carousel and a pair of1970's drapes with images of fairies, animals, etc 64 2 x boxes containing electric drills and water pumps 65 2 x boxes assorted napery incl lace, doyleys, rope, etc 66 Set of 6 1940s oak Utilitarians chairs 67 Box of LP records including Bette Midler etc 68 Steel Rota tool box with tidy drawers and contents of hand tools 69 Group lot metalware incl copper bucket, cast iron glue pot and stainless steel pressure cooker 70 Group lot vintage kitchenalia incl Kambrook Chef mixers and stainless steel steamer plus metal hat box 71 2 x Gilt Framed CHRISTINE DUNN Watercolours - STILL LIFE TULIPS & The Table Top - both signed & dated '97, lower right 72 Circa 1920s large oak Stationary Cabinet includes cupboard with two sliding doors and side cabinet with writing top, drawer and storage area below, ra 73 Small group lot assorted cane chairs incl woven sea grass, etc 74 3 x Boxes of assorted items including epns, glassware books and ceramics 75 Portable HMV Stereophonic record player in grey case 76 Suitcase of Posters including Vintage Art Deco style Mercedes Benz posters and Pirelli Calendar 77 4 x boxes assorted tools and hardware incl 'As New' screw drivers, hand saws, heaps of nails and screws, etc 78 Small group lot incl Vester practise guitar amplifier, reproduction, decorator phone, etc 79 Box lot vintage radio restoration parts 'New Old Stock' incl 2 core braided silicone vintage speaker wire, 22 AWG gauge tinned copper rated to 300 vol 80 Figured Mahogany Veneered coffee table with carved cabriole legs 81 Framed European school Oil painting - CHURCH & BUILDINGS - Signed but illegible & Dated '90, lower right, further details verso - 53x44cm 82 Group lot incl framed pictures, books and ephemera, electric stapler, mobile phones, etc 83 Group lot - Pair repro Acapulco Outdoor Chairs & natural Timber table w HPainted map of FIJI to top 84 Guitar amplifier Richter bass amplification - speaker only 85 Hand painted vintage Oriental lamp with purple square shade 86 Vintage QAnne Victorian style DISPLAY Cabinet - Glass shelves, mirrored back, good cond 87 Group of Blue and white Willow pattern china incl British Anchor, Thomas Hughes and sons, Royal Wessex, etc 88 2 x Heavy floral bedspreads one velvet the other embroidered 89 Group lot 'as new' metal signs incl Stop and Slow plus Give way and other road signs 90 Compact Deoon Stereo system UD-M50 with triple cd player 91 2 x Framed Oil Paintings - Alf Anderson River scene c1900 + S HICKMANN 1960 Nave Oil of The BUNTE KUH Passenger ship in Hamburg Harbour 92 Large Gilt framed Oval mirror 93 Victorian tub chair with pink button back velour upholstery 94 2 x items incl Chevelle mirror and Unique 31 Day wall clock with key and pendulum 95 Framed 1930s European school etching, The Townsquare, signed but illegible lower right 265 x 34cm 96 2 x pieces vintage terracotta items incl Large planter and Stefani water purifier 97 Large Gilt Framed c1900 Australian School Oil Painting on Canvas - POSEIDON RIVER, NEW ZEALAND - Unsigned, Titled to Plaque on frame & verso - some da 98 2 x framed 1970 Australian Oil Paintings, including CLARRIE COX, 'Winters Morn' 99 3 x vintage bar mirrors incl Cutty Sark - Scotch Whisky and 2 x vintage cars 100 Woollen Hand knotted hall runner 195cm long 101 4 x vintage motoring service manuals incl Austin A40 and British Car and Truck 102 Box lot vintage radio restoration parts 'New Old Stock' incl 30 mt Various sized pieces of 8 core brown braided cable and 35 mt 2 core phone radio po 103 5 x HCover HARLEY DAVIDSON Reference Books - The World Of, A Celebration of, etc 104 Group of Car books and ephemera including Weber and Holley Carbies, Commodore etc 105 4 x Hcover Volumes - CARTERS Mid 20th Century + Everything Vintage Post 50's Price Guides - 2007 2009 & 2010 106 Group lot retro green kitchenalia incl enamel ware, etc 107 Group lot - Modern Pottery - JIM & JEAN TYLER Lidded Jar + 3 x Pieces w lovely Celadon Glaze signed but illegible 108 Group lot - Eastern Wooden Items - Carved Figures, set of 3 Camphor wood carved jewellery Boxes, etc 109 Shelf lot assorted c1970's and retro ceramic items incl Portmerion, Gien, Noritake, etc 110 Group of Costume jewellery and stand incl Earrings, pin dishes, necklaces etc 111 Group including footed Majolica leaf plate, Wemyss lidded pot AF and Hanley ware Dickens plaque of Bill Sykes 112 Small group lot assorted metalware incl copper urn and vases, epns toast rack, etc 113 4 x vintage paintings, Coastal scene, water colour, landscape, Winter Storm, and Sleeping Child, some pieces signed 114 Box lot vintage radio restoration parts 'New Old Stock' incl 2 core braided silicone speaker wire and 2 x 200m rolls 22 AWG gauge tinned copper rated 115 Box and tin costume jewellery incl Earrings, bracelets necklaces, rings etc 116 Group lot reference books incl 100 Years of The Telephone, Metal Detecting and Coin and Banknotes 117 Part shelf lot assorted glassware incl rolling pin, decanter coloured glass, etc 118 Group of Continental china and porcelain incl floral cabinet plates, gilt demitasse and Dresden lace figurine 119 Box lot assorted costume jewellery incl bangles, beads, etc 120 Set of Three Telstra cordless telephones 121 Box of mens ties and bow ties incl Cartoon characters 122 Small group lot incl milk bottles with carriers, wire record racks and ice cream scoop 123 Group of Horse Trotting owners finishing photographs 124 3 x Vintage coffee tables 125 Large Framed CHARLES PELLEGRIN ( French, Active c1900 ) Oil on Canvas - STILL LIFE with FRUIT & GREEN JAR - Signed lower right - 61x775cm 126 Framed European school woodblock print with details verso 24 by 23 cm 127 Gilt Framed c1900 British School Watercolour - THATCHED COTTAGES - Unsigned - 195x405cm 128 Framed RITA PARKINSON Botanical Gouache - AMERICANA AGAVE in The ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS MELBOURNE - Signed lower right, titled lower centre, further 129 Framed Mary Randall (British Active c1930's) Watercolour - Highland Harvest - Signed lower right, further signed & titled verso - 26x37cm 130 Framed ALEXANDER C KERR (1875-1950) water colour, country scene with farm, signed and dated 1935 lower left, 18 x 29 cm 131 Framed WILLIAM SLACK (Active c193050's) Watercolour - LORNE - Signed, titled & Dated 1940, verso - 13x26cm 132 Framed RITA PARKINSON Botanical Gouache - AGAVE AMERICANA - Signed lower right, titled lower centre, further details on Exhibition label verso - 17x34 133 Vintage African Wall Mask 60cm tall 134 Box lot incl c1960's Gymkhana and other horse riding sashes and 2 x bottles wine in case 135 Group incl amber Waste Not Want Not amber glass, epns leaf plate etc 136 Group of carved wood with Ebony Asian Princess figurine, pair of angel fish and wall masks etc 137 Pair of Pen and Ink Royal Guardsman pictures - initialled EA 10 by 14cm 138 Small group lot incl Southern and Richardson shucker, Ansett and St Kilda FC glasses, marbles, Coca Cola, Pepsi and other reproduction numberplates, a 139 Small group lot incl Sterling silver condiment pot, amber crystal jars, Qantas plates, etc 140 Large Unsigned ABORIGINAL Oil Painting on Canvas - LIZARDS - no details sighted - 60x100cm 141 c1910 Oak Kitchen Chair - Spindle back, weathered patina 142 Art Deco chrome and Bakelite smokers table standard lamp combination 143 Vintage Korean Topaz Acoustic steel string guitar and Guitar book 144 2 x Italian Silk rugs 180 cm by 120cm lion scene and Venetian scene 145 Vintage glass topped coffee side table with Cabriole legs 146 Vintage Mahogany side table with Cabriole legs 147 Mid century CATT teak coffee table with brass banding 148 Victorian Australian cedar ladies chair 149 2 x Pieces - Retro Black Painted 195060's record Cabinet + Rush seated Bar Stool 150 Pair of vintage pine bedside drawers 151 1950's German Mantel clock with pendulum and original receipt from Bevilles 152 Framed ANNE G GUY Oil Painting on Canvas - THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS - Signed & Dated '76, lower right - 50x40cm 153 Mid-Century Modern cane sling chair with chrome base and wicker seat 154 C1880s Australian Cedar Marble Topped Wash stand with scroll feet 155 Oak cased, glass fronted Seiko pendulum wall clock with Roman numerals - approx 70cm H 156 Framed Norman Lindsay Print - Nude 157 Gilt framed NORMAN LINDSAY colour print - SPRINGS RETINUE - 31x26cm 158 2 x vintage style metal beer signs incl Free Beer tomorrow and Cold Beer To Go 159 2 x Items Jim Beam decanter and marigold carnival glass bowl with frilled edge and starburst base 160 2 x mantle clocks Alabaster 161 3 x pieces vintage pubanalia pourers incl ceramic figural nude, metal knights helmet and lions head 162 1920s Cherry blossom Boot polish outfit tin with tin Cherry blossom brush, velvet buffer and cloth 163 1950's Kitsch plasterware wall plaque - 'The Bull Fighter' 164 Group with Royal Worcester Jug AF, Silverplated Champagne bucket etc 165 Group of Cast brass and bronze African and Asian figurines including sitar playing 4 armed god and Vishnu iding a lion 166 2 x items 2014 Golden Fleece calendar and Reproduction Golden fleece hanging ram oil tin 167 Group lot assorted c1930's Japanese ceramic items icl Awaji, Noritake, etc 168 3 x vintage pubanalia advertising water jugs incl Johnnie Walker, White Horse and Long John 169 3 x Vintage Eastern metal Boxes - Raised traditional designs 170 Amber Glass Richmond Brewing Company bottle - Tiger trademark 171 Framed ROBERT TRAUER (1913 - 1985) Lithograph - 'Don Quixote' - no 30 of 500, 30 x 35 cm 172 1974 'London to Munich World Rally Fiat 124' advertising poster 173 Group of Records including Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline, Tubby Chess and his Candy Stripe twisters do the twist etc 174 3 x pieces glassware incl Kosta Boda candle holder, paper weight and white cased vase 175 Box lot vintage and other costume jewellery incl Earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets etc 176 2 x Vintage Flicker soft drink advertising signs - Diet Coke and Pasito 177 2 x c1950's Bosson's, England plasterware wall plaques incl Saracen and Walter Raleigh - af 178 Group lot signed Footscray and Fitzroy Football Club merchandise incl Doug Hawkins trading card and photo - both with COA, etc 179 3 x pieces vintage German pottery incl 'Pumpkin' sugar bowl, Barrel with stopper, etc 180 Large LUSH Creations Modern Australian Pottery CHARGER - ABSTRACT - Details verso - 38cm Diam 181 Mounted silver plaque by Australian silversmith W Kerr for Port Hacking Power boat club 1933 182 Vintage Four'n Twenty Pies plastic point of sale sign 183 Hickory shafted lead weighted aluminium putter 184 2 x items incl Boxed 1970s Japanese MICROSCOPE Kit - Prepared slides, colour filters, light source, etc plus Japanese tin toy cash register 185 Small lot - Vintage FAR SIDE & Hagar Comic Strip books - Far Side collection Number 1, Let A Viking Do it - Hagar & Family illustrate the Myers-Briggs 186 Group of carved alabaster incl Donkey and Pair of fish bookends - 1 AF 187 Vintage lizard skin Handbag with matching coin purse 188 Vintage 1950s CHINESE Tooled Leather Ladies HANDBAG - Differing Scenes to each side incl TEMPLES, lovely Brass Clasp, Original label sighted 189 Group of tins including2 St Bruno flake tobacco tins and Rowntrees toffee tin 190 HCover volume - MODERN ABORIGINAL PAINTINGS - Albert Namatjira & The Hermannsburg school - text by Rex & Bernice Battarbee, Published by Rigby 1971 191 c1980's British Telecom Genie Phone - cream 192 c1930 Cleag Miners Supply Co miner's lamp with inscription to front - Yorkshire Main Colliery - approx 16cm 193 2 x Items Converted milk glass oil lamp and Austrian ice pick walking stick 194 1976 SC book Travel Posters by Bevis Hillier - Art Deco posters 195 2 x Antique tins Frys Chocolates figural trunk and Nestles Jousting tin 196 2 x Vintage class cannisters orange and blue with fitted lids and another 197 Framed Chinese watercolour with chop mark - 20 by 24cm 198 Pair - 1950's Plaster Ware figural Lamps - Oriental Couple Playing Instruments 199 3 x vintage hats incl Australian Army slouch hat, etc 200 Pair of wrought iron candle sconces 201 2 x one Sheet Movie Posters - The Great Waldo Pepper and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 202 Large Gilt Framed Restrike of a Victorian Engraving - THE ROSE OF THE BOUDOIR - Details printed to margin, hand coloured - 33x32cm 203 London To Sydney Rally poster With Evan Greens Morris Austin 1800 Mk II 204 SHELL Advance Motorcycle Oils plastic advertising sign - 60cm x 180cm 205 2 x pieces - Pink Blush glass light shade and ruby flash bohemian chimney 206 Pair of vintage mounted Japanese woodblock prints 'Geisha' ladies signed with makers characters to verso 207 Vintage amber glass jug with stopper and clear handle - approx 36cm 208 Group of Reproduction Broadsheet posters including Wanted 209 Gilt Thai statue of a lady with basket on her head inlaid with red and green glass 210 Group lot - jewellery box and box of costume jewellery - beads, bling, earrings, rings, brooches, pendants etc 211 Group lot - crystal items incl, bowl, vases, trays, etc 212 Group lot - mostly pretty German porcelain inc, part coffee set, pierced bowl with floral decoration, candle holder and a mirrored tray with gilt meta 213 Group of china including Royal Winton Shelly and Doulton etc 214 Large group lot assorted Stuart Crystal incl comport, dessert glasses, etc 215 3 x pieces Australian studio pottery incl Studio Anna - Aboriginal design 216 Vintage Australian made 'Griffiths - Cruising Toffee' tin with P & O Strathaird image 217 4 x pieces vintage pubanalia incl Johnnie Walker and Mackinlay's advertising water jugs, etc 218 Group Gilt anniversary plate and Gilt Bohemian Liquor decanter 219 Group retty Floral English china with pansy decoration some damage sighted 220 Colonial Map of New South Wales by J & C Walker for the Colonial Office 221 Group lot assorted pubanalia incl Tooheys drink tray, various advertising bar mats, etc 222 Gilt Framed CARMEN O'NEILL Australian school Watercolour - TAMAR RIVER, Launceston Tasmania - Signed lower right, titled verso - 35x44cm 223 Vintage Stainless steel 4 into one Motorcycle exhaust extractor 224 3x 194050s Oval Horse racing trotting Oval shaped hand tinted Photographs including 1947 Wayville Winning the Pacing Derby and 1955 Kapunda 225 2 x Baltic pine Fids Rope splicing tools with Australian Military DD markings 226 Group lot incl walking sticks, parasols, etc 227 Reproduction Texaco Motor Oil novelty bowser top 228 Vintage enamelled 'No Exit' sign - 15cm x 255cm 229 c1980's British Telecom Genie Phone - Peach - with original box 230 Vintage ARNELS Ceramics HPainted oriental style Figure - FANTASIA - Signed & Titled to base - 27cm H 231 2 x Boxes pf gold balls Egg carton of 12 Vintage Golf balls incl 1930s Saxon 1950s Kel Nagle, 1960s Spalding Bruce Devlin etc and 12 Boxed Golf balls 232 2 x pieces French glass incl Vannes 'Shell' dish and heavy signed Orrefors vase 233 Group lot - Pottery & porcelain w Sturt Desert Pea designs - Diana Server, Westminister & English Dishes, Plaques, Ashtrays, etc 234 Vintage cast aluminium 'Power-Gas Corporation' oval sign - 20cm x 305cm 235 2 x Framed souvenier pieces including Irish Souvenir ware wooden marquetry Scene of Dunboran 236 3 x pieces leather items incl 2 x pistol holsters and leather work box 237 Group Of Miles Davis Cds Including a Rare home town Appearance 238 Pair of c1980's Japanese minimalist china vases with gold butterfly decoration - 175cm 239 Pair of vintage mounted Japanese woodblock prints incl Nihonbashi in Edo and Gohyaku Rakan Temple - all details verso 240 Rectangular Hand painted Japanese porcelain vase with character mark to base 241 Framed Butterfly Specimen Collection - all with titles underneath incl Yellow Nawab, etc 242 2 x items incl 1970's Kyorochan Bear ice-shaver and cream Radio shaped cassette holder 243 Small box lot costume jewellery, some vintage, bling, diamantes, pairs of earrings, brooches, necklaces, rings etc 244 Folder of Motoring Ephemera including 1940 Holden service bulletins, 1940s Oldsmobile etc 245 Group lot of ladies vintage accessories incl, bags - black leather white beaded and vinyl with ballerina image, necklace, sunglasses, watches marked C 246 2 x tins of costume jewellery incl Earrings, necklaces, rings etc 247 Tray of decorative items incl miniature figurines, stone egg, Gilt goblet etc 248 c1980's Swatch Le Clip Swiss made clip on watch 249 Vintage carved bone figural Balinese Kris Handle 250 Vintage Iron on shirt transfer Uniparts Racing team 251 Vintage bronzed figurine - mouse on stand - 12cm 252 Group lot pearl jewellery - fresh water and cultured necklaces, bracelets etc, 253 Boxed pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses 254 Box lot silver jewellery incl 4 x Bangles, pendant on chain, earrings, gemstone, pearl studs, etc 255 3 x ladies silver rings - Avon wrap around key, filigree set with turquoise and another 256 Box lot jewellery incl Kjeld Hansen pewter pendant and chain, silver hoop earrings, pendant, green bead necklace etc 257 Group lot scrap gold, odd earring, chains etc marked 750 etc TW 98 grms 258 Group lot silver jewellery - 3 x rings, small signet with red stone, wrap around flower, curb linked bracelet with heart lock etc 259 2 x vintage watches incl gents Citizen watch with leather strap and square dial and ladies OLMA Incabloc Swiss made watch 260 c1970's Sicura Breitling gent's Automatic Swiss Made stainless steel watch 261 Box lot silver jewellery - rings, stickpin with red stone, turquoise bracelet, charm bracelet etc 262 Group lot jewellery incl Pearl pendant with 9ct ygold mount, Chinese filigree and enamel, pendant, gplate ring, earrings etc 263 Vintage Roamer Rotodate gents Brevete Swiss Made gold plated watch 264 Silver ' lizard 'wrap around bangle 265 Group lot gold jewellery all af incl 3 x rings, chain, bracelet - marked 585, 375 etc TW136 grms 266 Pair 18ct ygold pierced drop earrings each set with 8 dias small rubies and pearls - TW 4grms 267 2 x white gold Cross pendants - 18ct (750) set with small diamonds & 14ct (585) 268 2 x vintage 9ct ygold ladies rings - one set with three pink stones & small dias And blue sapphire with small dia In hearts shaped settings - TW 34 gr 269 9ct ygold signet ring - TW18 grms 270 14ct ygold ladies ring - shaped band with small blue sapphire to centre and dias Either side - TW 31 grms 271 Vintage 9ct ygold ladies ring - three sections set with 12 small diamonds - TW 28 grams 272 9ct ygold charm bracelet with 8 charms - Eiffel tower, horseshoe, rocking chair, basket etc TW 12 grms 273 Heavy double sided EPNS server with handle by Hacker 274 3 x pieces of vintage children's ephemera incl Bairns Best, Beautiful Animals and Our Farmyard Favourites 275 2 x large ceramic vases with applied flora decoration - 36cm 276 3 x pieces Mid century Modern European pottery - Desimone Bird Cage Bell, small Lapid Israel hPainted Vase, etc 277 2 x Items Signed Shane Gould card and Signed and Framed montage of Cathy freeman 2000 Olympics winning Gold medal 278 Vintage Italian amber glass footed decanter with stopper - approx 43cm 279 Group of Car racing ephemera including Repco rally stickers, Hardy Frodo pit pass, 280 3 x Pieces - Victorian Glass - HPainted Biscuit Jar, Ruby & Clear Jack in the Pulpit Vase, etc 281 Large group of Vintage Noritake tea cups,creamer bowls etc 282 c1930's Majolica 'Dutch Woman' ceramic money box - approx 21cm 283 Group of blue 1970s glass including stoppered decanter 284 Group lot Don Shiel style acid etched cups and goblets 285 Royal Albert Tea set with gilt and floral pattern including 6 Cups and saucer - 5 plates and sandwich plates 286 Vintage SYLVAC English china small sized Planter with Twin Handles, Assyrian Pattern & bacchanalian scene, #4666 - approx 12cm 287 c1920's Japanese Art Pottery - approx 20cm 288 c1940's Agnette Hoy - Bullers Art Pottery ceramic bowl - Diam 215cm 289 Pink and white Murano Art Glass bowl with gold inclusions - approx 315cm 290 Modern ART GLASS Vase - Traditional shape, Vaseline Opalescent colour, etched Linear design, 26cm H 291 Group lot Lotte, Norway domestic ware - 'Turi-Design' incl lidded canister, sandwich plate, etc 292 c1984 The Silver Crane Co figural lidded 'Gordon's Dry Gin' advertising water jug 293 1980s Unmarked Australian ART GLASS Vase - Clear lower section to a Red & White Clouded top - 14cm H 294 Carved Solomon Island ebony sculpture seashells 295 1968 Terracotta sculpture - Maria Grodnitzka - 'Harvesting the Carrots' approx255cm long 296 1970's Australian studio pottery large wheel thrown, stone ware bulbous bowl form, earth toned glazes - approx 20cm H 297 Reproduction bronze statue on marble base 'Little Ballerina Girl' bears Preiss signature - 32cm 298 Framed c1910 Colour Lithograph - KEEP THE POT A-BOILING - after the Original by JHHARTLEY - in Lovely period shaped Plywood frame 299 Group lot - Signed Leisa Wharington Australian Art Glass Vase & 2 x pieces modern Ruby Flash glass 300 c1900 Violin in wooden case with Ebony MOP and silver mounted bow - label inside but illegible 301 Large 19th c Chinese Bronze Cloisonn Jardinire - 38 cm D 302 Unusual Brass plaque with wreath and swinging crowned ladies head 303 Vintage drinks set - Venetian clear Glass decanter and six glasses 304 Large c1930's CZECH ART Pottery VASE - stylish Nouveau shape w fab Colourful HPainted ART DECO Colours & design - impressed shape number to base & Dec 305 Vintage DUNHILL Pewter Tankard made by Crown & Rose - all marks to bases 306 Vintage Sylvac Gnome pushing wheelbarrow 307 Czech Porcelain Dolphin figurine by Royal Dux - 38cm tall 308 Set of 3 x Victorian Spaniel Staffordshire dogs - tallest 28cm - 1 af 309 Vintage Eastern style steel helmet with acid etched pattern and spike 310 3 x pieces Harold Hughan Australian pottery celadon glazed plates and cup 311 Reproduction bronze statue on marble base 'Art Deco Dancers - Columbine and Harlequin' bears signature - Otto Poertzel - 30cm 312 Heavy Modern MDINA Maltese art Glass vase - Pink & Clear mottled, traditional shape w Flared Lip - signed to base - 10cm H 313 1970's Victoria Howlett Australian studio pottery slab built stoneware lidded vessel with applied tree forms to lid - mat earth toned glaze, approx 3 314 Royal Doulton figurine - Honey - HN1909 - Issued 1939-49 - 178cms H 315 Royal Worcester Cabinet plate with hand painted floral decoration And gilt and blue border 316 Post War Australian Pottery Eric Juckert, orange glazed squat vase - 9cm, incised to base 317 Small display case with Miniature Limoges plates, figurines etc 318 1930s Remued Australian pottery small jug with twist handle, flared lip and ribbed bulbous body - blue and ochre drip glaze & incised signature and 319 Pair of Art Deco SYLVAC English china candle holders incl #1352 and #1353 320 Post war Australian Pottery Vagn Nykel green glazed vase with scalloped decoration - approx 12cm 321 c1900 German china clock with Ansonia clock movement 322 c1920 30's Glenfiddich Whisky Water jug by Haddock Dorfield and Waller Burleigh Ware 323 Eric Juckert, post War Australian Pottery blue red glaze vase - 14cm, incised to base 324 2 x small Royal Doulton figures - Tinkle Bell - HN1677 & Babie - HN1679 - both 12cms H 325 MINTON HOLLINS & Co ASTRA WARE English Art Pottery VASE - Mottled Blue Glazes, twin Loop Handles to sides, marked to base - approx h 215cm 326 Vintage Czechoslovakia Amphora vase - approx 17cm 327 German terracotta Charger with Wyvern rim and portrait of Elsa 328 Vintage heavy peach art glass vase with control bubbles - 145cm 329 Post War Australian Studio pottery Kalmar 'Bull Terrier' figure - cream and brindle, approx 25cm long - restoration to ear 330 1970s Antonio Barbini Murano Art Glass seagull signed A Barbini to base - 31cm long 331 Sterling silver Mirror frame - hallmarked Birmingham 1911 - 39cm tall 332 Modern Miles Johnson art glass vase purple with yellow base - 30cm, makers mark to base 333 Set of 1940s Green glazed Bendigo cannisters with beaded pattern to rim

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